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Domestic Exile

Unless you spend your time plotting fantasy football fantasies it is almost impossible to ignore the political prognostications that predict overwhelming victories for the G.O.Tea Party. As a citizen and the resident of the United States I am wondering when I fell asleep and woke up in a foreign land.

Is it possible that adult voting Americans are not offended by a political party that is comfortable having Nazi reenactment aficionados and supporters of the Dred Scott decision? Clearly the answer is in the affirmative and that is really just too damn bad.

The campaign that is mercilessly grinding to an end has seen President Obama called a liar on the floor of the Congress and hung in effigy within sight of the Lincoln Monument, with no remorse or indication of an effort to distance the G.O.Tea Party from these odious acts. We have seen G.O.Tea partiers question the need for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and unemployment insurance and yet voters are supposed to flock to the polls on November 2nd to support these damnable and heartless public policy positions.

Sharron Angle, who famously stated that her fellow Nevadans should seek “Second Amendment solutions” to the public issues of the day, is now favored to become the next senator from Nevada. Carl Paladino, who is infamous for unapologetically sending racist and misogynistic e-mails to his friends and colleagues, is the G.O.Tea Party candidate for governor of the state of New York. And while he probably won’t win, it appears that at least 3 out of every 10 voters in New York will vote for him.

I am under no illusion when it comes to these United States. From Jefferson Davis to Roger B. Taney to Father Coughlin to Lincoln Rockwell to George Wallace, this country has disgorged its historical share of villains – enemies of all humanity who abused and misused the public platform to appeal to the lesser aspects of the American people. But today’s villainy is more cosmetically presentable, wrapped in a banner of patriotism, addressing the urgent need to “take back America”.

Of course, it would be useful to know if this foolish slogan is meant to refer to taking America “back” from some unstated cabal of evildoers or taking America “back” to another time. Perhaps a more comfortable and simpler time, when issues of racial equality and sexual equity were unspoken? Perhaps there was a time when energy conservation and environmental protection and international understanding were not priorities for the American people and that is where America should go “back” to?

This message is intentionally blurred and clouded so as to take advantage of the clear rage and frustration that many Americans feel as they feel their way of life gutted by an economic system that no longer rewards productivity and punishes commitment and dedication to building for the future. And President Obama and the Democratic Party are useful targets for that rage – reason be damned.

Supposedly, according to the G.O.Tea Party avatars, Americans want limited government. Those limits are not defined, however. These limits certainly don’t include farm subsidies, Social Security or the work of the Army Corps of Engineers or the Food and Drug Administration. But we are supposed to believe that there is some intrusive act of government that must stopped by any means necessary. And the G.O.Tea Party moves forward, riding on waves of diversion, incitement and obfuscation.

I am afraid that when I wake up on the morning of November 3rd I will find myself in exile in the only country of which I am a citizen. When the waves of hate and lies and avarice subside, there will be time for hope again, and it will be time for all of us to wake up all over again.


One thought on “Domestic Exile

  1. Bim says:

    Faith and hope enabled our ancestors to survive The Enslavement of Africans and to thrive into these days. We continue to move forward even as others try to retreat to the temporary time of European/US dominance.

    The world never goes back in time so for those who want to live in the past, GAME OVER!

    We are the ultimate PROGRESSives and will out last ’em ALL!

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