Be My Guest

A Moroccan Point of View of November 2nd – A Be My Guest Column by Ahmed M’Rabet

Shall I present to you my condolences, for the insanity of the results of these mid-term elections, as far as ‘democratic’ America is concerned and the people that have a vision a little beyond the tip of their nose?

Maybe, as the saying goes, “in any evil, there is something good”. We’ll see in two years time what these guys can do to straighten up the economy & create jobs. If no gridlock sets in the Congress.

Another very sad thing to notice: the fact that NO MORE African Americans are in the Senate! Senatorial candidates Kendrick Meek (Fla), Alvin Green (S.C.) & Mike Thurmond (Ga) all ‘beaten’ and will not be in the Senate! Some white supremacists are going to celebrate!

America is, more and more, offering an image in shambles of the “American Way” to Africa & the World. What a pity!

Ahmed M’Rabet has served as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Kénitra & Region in Morocco and also as Chairman of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Services of Morocco from1992 to 2002. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Rhode Island.


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