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Reasons To Be Thankful — Continued

-I AM THANKFUL that November 6, 2012 is two years away because, as recent events have demonstrated, a lot can happen in just two years. With that in mind, it is not improbable, indeed it is very possible, that the right wing of the right wing will devour the center of the G.O.Tea Party while the progressive and moderate forces learn to practice the art of the possible and allow themselves to be motivated by the understanding the very high cost of another defeat.

-I AM THANKFUL that there are term limits for the presidency of the United States. While it would have seemed impossible to believe just two short years ago that George W. Bush would be a best-selling author and that pundits would wax nostalgic over the “Bush Years”, that is exactly what is taking place. Thank goodness the Constitution prevents some syrupy sappy clarion call for “the good old days” with The Decider at the helm. After all, Bush and his cohorts stole one election in 2000; it is certainly possible that they could do it again in 2012. I will not argue with the cynics, I am just glad that there are term limits.

-I AM THANKFUL that I am not traveling anywhere by airplane this week. The furor over the full body scans and the alternate “pat downs” is probably going to create gridlock all over America as righteous citizens warn “Don’t touch my junk!” This may be just one more sign of the coming of the apocalypse – mass stupidity posing as mass hysteria. The images seen on these scanners will probably not have many pornophiles snuffling around. The pat downs are probably no fun for the TSA staff either, but enduring a pat down has got to be better than being sorted into a body bag piece by piece because an undetected explosive blew a jetliner out of the sky. I can understand “Don’t touch my junk!” but I do believe that it is trumped by “Don’t blow up my junk!”

-I AM THANKFUL that during these terribly stressful and difficult times that there are still so many people who care. The outpouring of support and aid for the people of Haiti, the women of the Congo, the girls and women of Afghanistan, the homeless children of countless Diasporas of this planet continue even during these harsh times. While the amount of the support and aid may be somewhat diminished, I am thankful to know that there are still citizens on this planet who value humanity above all else.

-I AM THANKFUL that even though Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and every other holiday has been commercialized to the hilt, there are still occasions when we can actually give thanks for whatever blessings that we can count. For as we survey the landscape of this country and of this Earth, it is abundantly clear that not everyone has received the blessings that we may have received. And even though we might be tempted to ask for more and strive for more, it is best to take a moment to give thanks for what we have.

-I AM THANKFUL that I don’t watch “Dancing With the Stars” and that I am therefore only peripherally aware that Tea Party supporters of contestant Bristol Palin (daughter of Princess Warrior Sara), who call themselves “Bristol’s Pistols” have rigged the voting results so that the former First Daughter of Alaska will win. I don’t know whether to laugh or go to sleep.

-I AM THANKFUL that I was blessed with my father being in my life for forty-five years and that I am still blessed with my mother being present to this very day.

-AND FINALLY, to quote a famous 20th century poet —- Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) – Sylvester Stewart



2 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Thankful — Continued

  1. I watched DWTS to see if in fact the voting was rigged. There is clear evidence that there is “electronic bullet balloting” going on. Bristol might have been able to be in her high school theater production, but dancer, no. She works hard and she deserves credit for it. But her denouncing of “haters” is a part of her mother’s discourse. Girl can’t dance on this level, period. Go back to Alaska and dance in the kitchen with your little boy. The DWTS judges are playing up to this “teen out of wedlock Mom” celeb, she gets 9’s for just showing up; and the audience – well they are doing the political work that has nothing to do with dancing. If she wins, its about politics and nothing about dancing. The show should not survive this sitution. But it is reality interactive tv.

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