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Weekend Edition – February 25, 2011

This week Motown came to the White House and from all appearances, everyone had a great time – President Obama had a chance to dance with someone other than the Republicans. Meanwhile rumors persist that Donald Trump might be a presidential candidate. Also, how long will Barack Obama continue to ignore Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on his wife. And finally, how long before the freedom movement moves from North Africa to the rest of Africa?

Obama vs. Trump in 2012?

In a recent hypothetical poll Donald Trump and Barack Obama were in a statistical dead heat in a 2012 run for the presidency. I don’t know who was polled but I do know that more people voted in the last “American Idol” competition than in the last presidential election. Therefore there is a strong likelihood that Trump’s self-proclaimed star power propelled him to these Olympian polling heights.

I also think that President Obama and his advisors are crossing their fingers and lighting votive candles all over the place hoping that The Donald and his hair would somehow be the Republican nominee next year. Just his presence in the Republican primaries would roil the right wing waters all over the place.

While it is true that sometime the American public confuses celebrity with competence the presidency is not another reality show. It makes all the sense in the world to take Donald Trump seriously as an entrepreneur and promoter. It makes no sense to take him seriously as a presidential candidate.

The real question – could Barack Obama be so lucky?

Obama vs. Limbaugh?

Barack Obama is famously know for being cool, unflappable and restrained. Nowhere has this restraint been more evident than in his non-response to the ever infamous Rush Limbaugh. This is the same Rush Limbaugh who stated publicly that he wanted Barack Obama to “fail” as President of the United States.

In his latest foray into swamp talk Limbaugh referred to Michelle Obama as a hypocrite for urging Americans to have healthier eating habits while she herself occasionally dines on something less healthy than tofu.

Limbaugh, the overweight, cigar chomping, recovering addict, also proceeded to opine on the attractiveness of the First Lady of the United States. In his view Michelle Obama wouldn’t qualify as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Alex Rodriguez would never ask her for a date.

Perhaps it’s best that Limbaugh chose to pick on the wife of a man who is restrained, calm and cool. By now any number of men would be knocking on Rush’s front door before kicking him in the rear.

African Freedom?

Since the insurrection in Tunisia, followed by the revolts in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, there have been constant news reports and analyses regarding “change that is sweeping through the Arab world”.

A look at the map will reveal that all of the aforementioned countries are in Africa and that the “change” taking place involves the replacement of sclerotic regimes that have been around for too long.

Africa is a big place, however, and we should also note that there are a number of other African countries with regimes that have been around too long to the detriment of their people.

Consider – Teodoro Obiang – Equatorial Guinea – 32 years, Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe – 24 years, Yoweri Museveni – 25 years, the Bongo family – Gabon – 43 years.

Do not be surprised if the “change” sweeping its way across North Africa turns south sooner than later.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Edition – February 25, 2011

  1. Cynthia Cannady says:

    Interesting! Is it really true that more people voted for American Idol than the last US presidential election?
    On the “freedom” movement, I wish to express a reservation. I do not lump together Libya and Zimbabwe and Sudan with Egypt and Tunisia. The three former are headed by long term leaders who have led political movements in opposition to colonialism. The two latter were ruled puppets of the west, perpetrators of neo-colonialism. Bongo of Gabon and Biya of Cameroon belong in the latter category; both were tools of French neo-colonialism in Africa, ruling ruthlessly over oil rich countries, funneling wealth to French interests, keeping Swiss bank accounts for themselves and building walled palaces next to the airport meanwhile refusing to invest in education or infrastructure, leaving open sewers in city streets.
    Libya, Zimbabwe and Sudan have dictators, but they may be distinguished in at least three ways from the puppet dictators. First, these leaders have invested in infrastructure, with strong universities, research, free education, water distribution, public works, phamaceutical production, etc. Second, these leaders have had to deal with situations where foreign interests have funded irredentist groups in border areas close to natural resources, and have fomented tribal divisions (a la Katanga province in Congo, Biafra in Nigeria, etc.). Third, these leaders have all taken highly visible leadership positions in Africa, taking the non-aligned road and thumbing their noses at the commonwealth and the US, and (in the case of Libya and Sudan) supporting Palestine and attacking Zionism.

    These distinctions are important. As people of color, we should notice them and their implications.

  2. TInman22 says:

    Publish Limbaugh’s home address and suggest that a predominantly black Army unit pay him a visit to discuss his disparaging the First Lady.

  3. Missy says:

    @Cynthia Cannady – Wow, are you well informed and Thx for sharing. Nothing is as it appears is it. Keep spreading the real info. Knowledge is power!

    @TInman22m – I’m with you. I totally hate anyone that takes cheap shots at a persons appearance. These types of people should take a real long look in their mirror. They are far from the perfect epitome of God’s perfection.

    As for Donald Trump…..I’m sorry, but IMHO, both Canada & USA needs to stop electing vote pandering, career politicians and focus/demand business savvy people to run our countries.
    After all, it’s the corporations that are running the world these days, so would it not stand to reason, that a leader should also be a hard core, compassionate business person?!

    I do wish Mr. Trump would run and win the Presidency of USA. It really would set a tone for change in both our countries.
    We need to take our power back from the bankster corporations that run the world and career politicians are NOT the people to accomplish this!

    Ronald Reagan was a great President. And don’t forget that he was a Hollywood actor first. So it is totally unfair to judge Mr. Trump as a dumb, rating seeking celebrity.

  4. Kay says:

    You’re right Wallace the wind of change from north Africa to the South and yes though some of these leaders paved the way for freedom but i do think they have overstayed their well-come.
    The time for Africa big and strong man is over this is the 21st century.

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