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Weekend Edition – April29, 2011

Twin currents of nausea and anger have been flowing due to the spectacle of President Obama being forced to submit his Hawaiian birth certificate for public approval while Donald Trump continues to bleat his stupid and racist rants. Meanwhile the Royal Wedding is now history as we await the launching of the last Space Shuttle.

Obama’s Birth Certificate – the Degrading of America

This week the President of the United States sent his personal attorney to go to Hawaii and retrieve the long form of his birth certificate. This needless errand was completed in order to allow President Obama to publicly show his birth certificate to the entire planet.

The errand was necessary because of the incessant baying and howling of racist idiots and idiot racists who have been mired in the muck of their own disbelief ever since the evening of November 4, 2008. From the moment that a black man was elected President of the United States there have been millions of white Americans who simply have not been able to accept the reality of the election results.

“There must be some kind of mistake” has been the rallying cry for these unfortunate men and women who clearly exist in a parallel universe of their own making. Hence the call to “take this country back” from the black interloper masquerading as an American citizen.

What started out as the squawking of a few fringe sparrows questioning the locale of President Obama’s birth morphed into a great howling banshee of stupid that seemed to intrude into the very brain cells of people who were thought to be reasonably intelligent.

How else can one explain over 25% of the American populace questioning the citizenship of the elected President of the United States?

Too many black Americans have experienced the same questioning of their credentials in the work place, in the university, in a restaurant and certainly late at night in the blinking light of a police car.

That the President of the United States has had to undergo this same experience while in the White House may be embarrassing for him, but it is truly degrading for America.

Mother of God, is this the End of Trump?

Donald Trump reminds me of a bad rash or a foul smell that will just not go away. He left the realm of common sense and good taste a long time ago, as is his right.

I don’t think that it is his right to demean and insult Barack Obama because he thinks that the spotlight of attention that his attacks attract will somehow enhance his ability to continue his huckster hustler lifestyle.

“Donald Trump is now demanding to see Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage license. Given the high incidence of out of wedlock births in the black community, he feels that it is only reasonable to inquire as to whether or not the First Couple is living in sin in the White House with their two illegitimate children.”

When I shared this “report” with a select group of friends yesterday the reaction was complete outrage. That this “report” is totally fabricated is not the point. This “report” actually makes sense in a world where a hustler huckster can insult the President of the United States demanding to see his birth certificate, transcripts from college and law school – and soon his marriage license.

One can hope that this hustler huckster will go away, but like that rash or that bad smell, it isn’t likely anytime soon.


And now the newly-minted and newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have completed their nuptials. And soon the last Space Shuttle flight of this generation will take off. The earthly celebrations will continue while the celestial journey begins.

Have a great weekend!


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