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Weekend Edition – January 13, 2012

The Teapublican presidential primaries, also known as The Eternal Circus, continue unabated. The relentless attacks on Barack Obama and common sense are funded by untold millions of dollars coming from unknown corporate and private sources (thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision). What we do know that the election of Newt, Mitt, Rick, Ron or Jon would be a disaster for this country and for most of the world.

We have been presented with the sight of Newt Gingrich crying crocodile tears as he complains about campaign advertisements that tell the truth about him – with Rudy Giuliani coming to the rescue (I do not make up these stories). We have seen American troops excoriated for desecrating the corpses of Taliban fighters. Did anyone really think that for the last ten years wars have been fought with manners, courtesy and decorum? And finally, President Obama has proposed to streamline government, saving $10 billion dollars over the next ten years as well as providing new levels of assistance to small businesses. Please read my prediction of Congressional action.

Tears of a Newt

For the past few weeks we have had the serious misfortune of having to listen to Newt Gingrich complain that Mitt Romney and his Super Pac’s are waging a negative campaign against him. It seems that Mr. Gingrich takes offense to advertisements that mention his $300,000 fine for ethics violations, his $1.6 million fee from Freddie Mac and reference to his serial extramarital flings.

Of course all of these items are true so it must be that Newt Gingrich is offended that someone would want to tell the truth instead of the sanitized and pasteurized version that he has been peddling. Imagine that!

And then Rudy Giuliani, who when he retired as mayor of the City of New York also retired the Most Divisive Mayor Ever Award, has come running to Mr. Gingrich’s defense. Mr. Giuliani was only happy with the truth when it told the story that he wanted told and it seems that he has found a “brother from another mother” in Newt Gingrich.

The Dogs of War

This week’s news brought us a video of American Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters that they had just killed in battle. The outrage expressed from Afghanistan to Washington was predictable. There is certainly nothing proud or heroic about this behavior.

But the expressions of dismay here in the United States sound a bit tinny and the strong scent of hypocrisy. This country has been at war for ten years. During that time hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan men, women and children have been killed by American troops. In the process thousands of Americans have been killed and tens of thousands have been injured and maimed.

Did anybody think that all of this carnage was taking place in a genteel fashion? Does anyone know how they would behave if they were trained and directed to kill (or be killed)? This country has sent hundreds of thousands of men and women into savage battle, savage battle that requires savage behavior simply to stay alive.

I am shocked that anyone could be shocked by the videos. It is what happens when the dogs of war are let loose.

Crystal Ball

Today President Obama announced that he would elevate the Small Business Administration to a cabinet level position in order to insure that the interests of the American small business community will be taken into account in all governmental deliberations. He also called for the streamlining of the Department of Commerce in order to better serve the small business community and save $10 billion over the next ten years.

I predict that by the time you finish reading this column the G.O.Tea Party will be in total opposition to these initiatives.

Have a great weekend!


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