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Weekend Edition – February 3, 2012

Without Herman Cain stumbling and Rodeo Rick Perry bumbling the Weekend Edition might be a little more difficult to write. But you can always count on the G.O.Tea Party to provide some more grist for the mill. As the unemployment rate continues to decline and the economy continues to show signs of improvement the Teapublicans act as if it would defy the laws of Nature for them to give any credit to the policies of President Obama. Meanwhile Mitt Romney has finally decided to reveal the real Teapublican agenda – he just doesn’t care about poor people. And finally, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has proven conclusively that he needs some remedial help in learning about the American civil rights movement.

More Good News – More Bad News

Earlier today it was announced that the American unemployment rate is now 8.3%, the lowest rate in three years. This news should be viewed as a companion to last week’s announcement that the American GDP has shown its most robust growth in several years.

Given the dismal state of the American economy since 2007 this should be seen as good news. But you can be certain that the Teapublicans, led by Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, will be twisting themselves into pretzels trying to explain how the policies of the Obama Administration are “killing jobs” while jobs are being created.

The G.O.Tea Party has provided us with a circus for the past year that has been populated mostly by clowns. Now they are adding contortionists to the repertoire.

Anyone Who Had a Heart…..

Readers of a certain age will remember “Anyone Who Had a Heart” by Dionne Warwick. Clearly Mitt Romney doesn’t have a heart and is proud of it.

On national television he stated that he “really doesn’t worry about the poor because they have a safety net”. It appears that being super wealthy means that you don’t have to know about food stamps and skipped meals and evictions and the utter despair of joblessness that affects so millions of American – by some estimates 15% of the population.

In a way we can be glad that Mr. Romney has been honest in stating how he really feels about people have also worked hard but did not find themselves as richly compensated as he has been. It will be interesting to see if the Americans vote for someone who doesn’t care about them.

Remedial School

New Jersey Chris Christie took the curious step of proposing that gay rights be voted upon in a statewide referendum. A curious way of handling an issue of “rights” to say the least.

He then went on to say that veterans of the Civil Rights movement would have preferred to use the referendum route if it were available. That may be the most historically ignorant statement by a public official ever – or at least this week.

Civil Rights movement veteran and icon Congressman John Lewis took the time to give Governor Christie a history lesson pointing out that, without legislation, there is no way that civil rights bills would have passed. Certainly referenda would have gone down to crushing defeat not only in the South, but across most of this country.

Governor Christie’s effort to sanitize American history does a great disservice to the men and women and children who marched and protested and died for the cause of civil rights. His limp apology is not enough.

Perhaps he should just exercise his right to be silent.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Edition – February 3, 2012

  1. T Byrd says:

    Good article. The continuous display of ignorance, insensitivity and lack of candor by the Republican Party has been beyond mankind belief and world reality.

  2. insightful says:

    I am just curious to see a quote from Romney that sustains what you stated about him not caring about poor people. Otherwise your article is great. keep up the good work

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