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Weekend Edition – February 24, 2012

Saint Santorum is rising in the polls even as he continues to broadcast a message that seems to have been formulated in a subterranean cave where the light of day and common sense are unknown. Meanwhile, in speaking of Saint Santorum Donald Trump has proven that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. And finally, with the announcement that the stock market is at a four year high the Teapublican Party is scrambling to figure out why this is a bad thing and why Barack Obama is to blame.

The Agony and the Agony

I am not aware of the papal announcement that proclaimed Rick Santorum as a living saint. But since he goes around acting as if he is God’s Messenger as he passes judgment on anyone and everyone, Saint Santorum seems to be a fitting title.
In his recent attacks on common sense, decency and fairness he has stated that the environmental policies of the Obama Administration are “radical” and that “Obama favors Earth over people”. The stunning stupidity of such a statement is so obvious it seems cruel to point out to Saint Santorum that “people” live on “Earth” and anything that favors Earth favors people. But, of course, there is no I.Q. requirement for sainthood.

In his crusade to eviscerate anything resembling rights for women he has announced that if a woman is pregnant as the result of rape she should consider the pregnancy a gift from God. On the Planet Santorum she would not even have a choice as to whether to give birth that is the direct result of a horrendous crime.
Saint Santorum’s pitch to women voters is that he is an advocate of a woman’s right to stay home. Presumably so that women can have babies and home school their children since Rick Santorum has also announced that public school are “a relic of the industrial revolution”.

The only thing worse than the horrific image of President Rick Santorum is the reality that there are millions of Americans who think that he should be president.

The Stopped Clock Speaks….

The legacy of Donald Trump has robust portions of self-promotion and dumbness. His birther exploits last year were pathetic and pitiful and yet, somehow, the emperor with no clothes continues to parade around without a shred of fabric to cover his flawed logic.

Nevertheless, The Donald proved that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. He correctly stated that if the G.O.Tea Party nominates Rick Santorum it will be a “Christmas gift to the Democratic Party”. While there may be a flock of flying pigs hovering just over the horizon, we have to believe that Trump is right in predicting the ultimate demise of a Santorum presidential bid.

And for that, the Stopped Clock Award goes to…………Donald Trump.

The Blame Game

In one of his more snarky comments Mitt Romney stated that Barack Obama taking credit for any economic recovery would be like a rooster taking credit for the sunrise. However, Mr. Romney and that rest of the Teapublicans have no qualms about blaming President Obama for anything and everything that goes wrong – the B.P. oil spill, the collapse of the mortgage market (months before he became president), the list goes on.

And this week it was announced that the stock market is at a four year high. And now the Teapublicans are scrambling to make this announcement sound like bad news so that they can blame Barack Obama or, in the alternative, they will try to explain why this sign of economic recovery has nothing to do with the policies of the Obama Administration.

On the Planet Teapublican it is expected have your cake and eat it too.

Have a great weekend!


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