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Weekend Edition – March 9, 2010

Andrew Breitbart died last week at the age of 43. It has been written that one should not speak ill of the dead, but those who cherish decency will not be mourning his passing – as for the Teapublicans, their eulogies of Breitbart tells us who they really are. Meanwhile, as this country struggles to reconfigure its educational system so that Americans can remain competitive in the global marketplace, the G.O.Tea Party seems to savor the prospect of dismantling the entire educational infrastructure. Meanwhile, shouldn’t Rush Limbaugh, who is spouting off from the permanent rhetorical sewer in which he resides should be a total embarrassment to the Teapublicans? Maybe, maybe not.

Andrew Breitbart – R.I.P.

Andrew Breitbart died and as the eulogies from the right wing of the right wing poured forth one would think that someone else had died. Characterizing Andrew Breitbart as some brave, intrepid journalist who was relentless in his search for the truth is like praising Donald Duck for his eloquence.

Andrew Breitbart was a bully and an unabashed liar who seemed to take great pleasure in publishing mistruths so that he could view the collateral damage from his lair in California. This unindicted blogger tried to ruin the life of Shirley Sherrod, a courageous civil rights heroine who was engaged in true public service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture until she was slimed by Breitbart.

The Sherrod incident alone should disqualify him for praise, but Teapublicans like Sarah Palin (there’s that name again!) have tried to make Breitbart into some kind of hero. Sarah and the rest of her Tea Partiers are simply shameless and shameful.

Dumb and Dumber?

Depending on the study to which you may refer, the United States world ranking in academic achievement ranks in the mid-20’s. Two decades ago the U.S. was in the top ten. Three decades ago the U.S. was in the top 5.

Faced with this enormous educational crisis the Obama Administration has been working through Department of Education and with the various states to come up with strategies to improve this deplorable state of affairs. Progress has been slow but there would seem to be no choice but to continue to search for solutions.

That would make sense to most rational human beings but not to the leadership of the G.O.Tea Party. All four of the remaining presidential candidates have vowed to dismantle the Department of Education if elected. Saint Santorum has gone so far as to state on the record that he believes that public education is “a relic of the industrial revolution” and that American children should be educated at home whenever possible.

The Teapublican position on this issue would be laughable if it were not so poisonous and toxic. This approach is similar to suggesting that the best way to put out a house fire is to cut off all the water.

Even an idiot could see the foolishness of a strategy. Perhaps the Teapublicans will be better off when some real idiots take charge.

Let Rush be Rush!

Rush Limbaugh is like some broken sewer that can’t be fixed. As a result the filth and sewage spills out recklessly damaging everything that it touches.

His latest disgusting foray had him calling women who advocate contraception “sluts” and “prostitutes”. Even President Obama had to lend his voice of support by calling one of the victims of Rush’s felonious sliming. But the G.O.Tea Party was tepid in its criticism (certainly not condemnation) of Limbaugh and their presidential candidates looked like aging contortionists as they tried to distance themselves from this buffoon…but not too much so as to incur the Wrath of Rush.

I can only hope that Rush Limbaugh stays on the air as he continues to give a voice to the deepest and most wretched aspects of the G.O.Tea Party persona so that we know it for what it really is.

Have a great weekend!