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Weekend Edition – July 6, 2012

This past week wasn’t the best week for Mitt Romney and there may be more weeks like this to come. At least he has his jet ski to keep him warm. Meanwhile, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal seems to have discovered that Mitt Romney may not be such a great alternative to Barack Obama, even as they seethe at the very mention of the president’s name. And, speaking of President Obama, it would seem that Teapublicans can only blame him when things go wrong as they remain silent when anything positive happens on his watch.

The World According to Mitt

Soon after the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act decision a key aide to Mitt Romney declared that the penalty aspect of the individual mandate was not a tax. Then the Romney campaign confirmed that the penalty was not a tax. True to form, after a firestorm of criticism from the right wing of the right wing, Mr. Romney declared that the penalty was indeed a tax and that the health care mandate penalty in Massachusetts that was instituted when he was governor was not a tax.

His flipping and flopping is sounding very familiar. We all remember John Kerry being for the war in Iraq until he was against it, don’t we? The Republicans `changed his mind.

Mitt Romney never admits to changing his mind. He twists and churns and parses his words like a contortionist in some sideshow circus act. He seems to hope that we will forget what he said before, even if “before” was yesterday, and only remember what he is saying now.

Fat chance Mitt!

Mitt According to the Wall Street Journal

On the day after the Fourth of July the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal had a minor tantrum and took it out on Mitt Romney. His flipping and flopping and general campaign incompetence has outraged the WSJ editorial board mostly because he is making more and more Teapublicans that the reelection of President Obama is actually possible.

Mitt Romney had another John Kerry moment during the recent holiday. He was photographed riding his personal jet ski past his multimillion dollar lakeside summer home (one of his many homes) thereby bringing back images of Senator Kerry windsurfing just eight short years ago.

His Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous moment was followed by a revival of information regarding the actual wealth of the presumptive Teapublican Party candidate. We have been informed again that a significant amount of his wealth (that is his money) is located in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and possibly Saturn.

It is one thing for American voters to elect a fabulously wealthy man. John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt were certainly wealthy individuals who became notable presidents. But it is quite another thing for the president of the United States to sequester his money overseas.

That is usually a move reserved for African despots and South American dictators.

Obama Did It!

The Teapublicans have held up the image of Barack Obama as some sort of eternal piñata, to be whacked and smacked on any and every occasion. If anything bad occurs, it has to be the fault of President Obama. The rise in gasoline prices a few months ago is a perfect illustration of this phenomenon.

As gasoline prices went up Mitt Romney and his Teapublican puppeteers roared and hooted and howled that this was proof of the ineffective and weak leadership of Barack Obama. And then gasoline prices went down for over twenty days in a row and all we have heard are the crickets chirping and the wind blowing over America’s fruited plain.

One has to wonder how long this one trick pony can ride.

Have a great weekend!


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