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Weekend Edition – August 17, 2012

The Teapublicans have as one of their rallying cries that it is time to “take back America”. Now that the presidential campaign is moving to the gold medal round it might be time to ask, take America back from whom? And exactly who is doing the taking back anyway? Meanwhile, we have learned that, in vetting Paul Ryan for the role of vice presidential candidate, Mitt Romney reviewed at least five years of Congressman Ryan’s tax returns. Nevertheless Mr. Romney and his sidekick Paul Ryan are adamant that the American people need to see only two years of their tax returns. And finally, Donald Trump continues to do an excellent impression of a broken clock by being right twice a day. He had one of those days last week.

Take Back America?

Seemingly within hours of the inauguration of Barack Obama the right wing of the right wing took up the “Take Back America” battle cry. Since then the phrase “take back America” has been a part of the Teapublican orthodoxy.

It was clear from the very outset that “taking back America” meant wresting the presidency from the dusky hands of the first black president of the United States. Just as clear is the implication that the control of this country is somehow a white birthright and no minorities need apply —- and it is pretty iffy as to whether any women, of whatever hue, should consider applying as well.

Every presidential election is, to some extent, a battle of competing ideologies and a value comparison of visions for this country. But this “take back America” business is just another dog whistle code phrase for “get that black so and so out of our White House”.

Amazingly, the Teapublicans wield this phrase and think that only their adherents can hear their dog whistle.

Ryan’s Returns

In 1968, George Romney, Mitt Romney’s biological father, became the first presidential candidate to release his tax returns and he released twelve years of his returns. In 2012 Mitt Romney reviewed at least five years of Paul Ryan’s tax returns prior to selecting him to be his running mate and right wing man. Yet, Mitt Romney is steadfast is refusing to release no more than two years of his own returns.

In his typical, smarmy pseudo patrician fashion, Mr. Romney has referred to concerns about his tax returns as being “small minded”. But somehow “small minded” Republican such as Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Newt Gingrich have all seen fit to release several years of their tax returns when running for president.

In this day and age when every applicant for any job has to disclose anything and everything requested by their prospective employer, it is shocking, outrageous and insulting that Mitt Romney refuses to divulge his financial background.

If Mitt Romney wants to keep his life so private then he simply should not run for public office.

Trump’s Stopped Clock

Donald Trump is so outrageously and consistently wrong about everything that it is actually news when he is right. He has singlehandedly resurrected the concept of the stopped clock theory which is right twice a day no matter what.

After the announcement of Paul Ryan as the Teapublican vice presidential candidate The Donald bellowed that Mitt Romney had made a huge mistake. It is Mr. Trump’s view that having an honest to God ideologue on the Teapublican ticket will make it easy for President Obama and the Democratic Party to further marginalize the Romney-Ryan ticket and put the RR team on the railroad to defeat.

One can only hope that this is one of the few times that Donald Trump is right.

Have a great weekend!