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Weekend Edition – September 28, 2012

Marie Antoinette has nothing on Mitt Romney and his “let them use the emergency room” response to healthcare for uninsured Americans. Meanwhile hopeful Teapublicans are touting Mr. Romney’s primary debate experience as a plus going into his debate with President Obama next week. They must be kidding. And meanwhile, Paul Lyin’ Ryan, the other 2/3 of the Teapublican presidential ticket seems to be hedging his bets more than a little bit.
Mr. Marie Antoinette

Mitt Romney has promised to repeal Obamacare as soon as he is inaugurated as president. “On Day One”, is Mr. Romney’s pet phrase. When asked what would happen to the over 40 million Americans who are currently uninsured and will be insured by Obamacare in the near future, Mr. Romney channeled his inner Marie

He actually pointed to the fact that there are plenty of emergency rooms in hospitals all over the country as a viable alternative. The mystery is really that callous or is he just that out of touch with fragile nature of this nation’s healthcare system.

It is difficult to believe that a serious candidate for president would suggest that emergency rooms represent a viable healthcare strategy. And while we can be sure that Mr. and Mrs. Romney have not spent a lot of time in urban emergency rooms, it is still difficult to believe that a serious candidate for president would consign the sick, the elderly and children to emergency rooms for their primary care.

By the way, Marie Antoinette never actually said “let them eat cake”, but it is true that Mitt Romney has said “let them use the emergency rooms”.

Moving up to the Big Leagues

As the first presidential debate approaches, remaining Romney supporters are touting their candidate’s extensive primary debate experience as a reason why he will do well in Denver on October 3rd and beyond. They can’t be serious.

While Mr. Romney did indeed engage in twenty debates during the primary season, does anyone think that participating in a Klown Karnival qualifies as preparation for debating President Obama on the issues of the day? While practice is important, the level of competition is a critical factor.

Perhaps the Romneyites forget that one of Mr. Romney’s opponents couldn’t even remember his own talking points – Rick “Oops” Perry. Or that Michele Bachmann is at best delusional and may actually be in need of medical supervision – her claim that HPV vaccine causes mental retardation comes to mind.

Other Teapublican candidates that Mitt Romney vanquished included Herman Cain who admitted to having things “twirling around in his head” and Newt Gingrich who thinks that colonizing the moon is a good idea.

And we can’t forget Rick Santorum whose self-righteousness might have been attractive during the Inquisition but doesn’t come off so well in the 21st century. And, rounding out this less than impressive list of debate opponents was Ron Paul who played the part of the cranky old man at all of the debates.

If anyone on the Romney team thinks that debating these Klowns qualifies as useful preparation President Obama’s biggest task may be to steadfastly avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence.

Hedging His Bets

In 2008 then Senator Joe Biden ran for re-election as senator while also running as a vice presidential candidate. Not everyone saw this move as a demonstration of full confidence in the Obama-Biden ticket although some Democrats in Delaware thought it important not to give a certain Teapublican witch named Christine O’Donnell even a ghost of a chance of winning.

Now, in 2012, we have Paul Ryan, another vice presidential candidate who is hedging his bets. While campaigning on the sinking Romney-Ryan ticket he is also campaigning for re-election to Congress in Wisconsin. It cannot be the kind of move that inspires confidence with rank and file Teapublicans.

But then again, perhaps Paul Ryan knows something that they will only find out on November 6th.
Have a great weekend!

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Beware of the Right Wing Head Fake

It is not unusual for an inferior boxer to engage in dirty and illegal tactics in order to distract and possibly defeat an opponent. We have seen lesser football and basketball players pick fights and attempt to injure opposing players when they know they cannot win playing by the rules. Applying sports analogies to politics, one has to wonder if the recent anti-Muslim video has right wing fingerprints all over it.

Lost in the justifiable firestorm stemming from Mitt Romney’s inane and woefully wrong 47% soliloquy is the fact that the recent release of the absolutely hideously and grotesque anti-Muslim video was released less than sixty days before the election and that it has precipitated death and crisis in the Middle East.

What we know so far is that some non-descript Egyptian Coptic yahoo named Nasouli Nasouli managed to put together video that had no purpose other than to inflame tensions in the Middle East. We know that Reverend Terry Jones, the maniacal Koran burner from Florida has somehow become a “promoter” of this video. And for those keeping score at home this would be the same Terry Jones who publicly burned the Koran in 2011 which resulted in dozens of deaths in Afghanistan.

But what we also know is that this Nasouli Nasouli character may be a non-descript Egyptian Coptic yahoo, but he is not a stupid non-descript Egyptian Coptic yahoo. With no track record in the film or entertainment industry, he was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars with which he hired actors, built sets, obtained wardrobes, had a script written and scenery designed and constructed.

What we also know is that Nasouli Nasouli was a man with a plan. He deceived the actors and most of people associated with this video monstrosity by filming with a non-offensive script in English and then dubbing in the intentionally inflammatory language in Arabic. In furtherance of his plan Mr. Nasouli, knowing that his video would never get mainstream exposure, put his video on YouTube and other social media sites virtually guaranteeing that his video sewage would spew into the Middle East.

What we don’t know is what motivated Nasouli Nasouli to engage in this rather complicated scheme that has resulted in so much death and destruction. As an Egyptian Coptic Mr. Nasouli might be harboring some resentment of Islam. But his entire life does not reveal any particular political activism. Indeed, the only item of note in his rather skimpy life narrative is a one year prison term for bank fraud – in California.

What we do know is that the resultant firestorm in the Middle East was treated like an all you can eat buffet by Mitt Romney and his fellow Teapublicans. Before the body of slain Ambassador Chris Stevens was cold Mr. Romney was front and center decrying the “disgraceful” conduct of the Obama administration in the midst of the crisis.

What we do know is that Paul Ryan and John McCain and a whole host of Teapublicans have seized upon this sordid affair to proclaim the “weakness” of the Obama administration in the Middle East. This would be the same Obama administration that decimated Al Qaeda and killed Osama bin Laden – but the Teapublicans never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Still, what we don’t know is who paid for this nonsense? Are we to believe that Nasouli Nasouli and Reverend Terry Jones have acted alone? It costs money to hire actors and build sets and write scripts. Neither Nasouli nor Jones seem to have access to that kind of capital.

And isn’t the timing of the release of this anti-Muslim film more than a bit suspect? Less than two months before a close election President Obama suddenly finds himself putting out fires all throughout the Muslim world – a thankless proposition that is filled with the potential of more death and disaster.

The Teapublicans and the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson have made it clear that they will do anything to insure the defeat of Barack Obama on November 6th. Certainly it is plausible that some denizen of the right wing of the right wing would finance and orchestrate this dirtiest of dirty tricks to give the miserable and increasingly pathetic Romney-Ryan team a chance.

We can only hope that major news organizations with the necessary resources will get to the bottom of this. When Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were investigating the Watergate fiasco Deep Throat told them to “follow the money”

When it comes to Nasouli Nasouli and Terry Jones and the anti-Muslim video it is time to follow the money.

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Weekend Edition – September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney and his Teapublican legions have been so busy worshiping at the altar in the Church of Everything Obama Is Bad have missed some seriously good news. Meanwhile, lost in the wreckage of the 47% video is a strange wish that revealed a really twisted vision. And finally, in the midst of all of this adversity, the right wing of the right wing seems to have adopted the “Just Make Stuff Up” and “Let’s All Get Stupid” strategies. The word “pathetic” comes to mind.

A Church in Flames

For the past three and a half years, the right wing of the right wing and the Teapublicans and now Mitt Romney has adopted the gospel that anything bad in the economy is the fault of President Obama. Everything from 8% unemployment to high gasoline prices are placed at the doorstep of the White House.

So when it was announced last week that the stock market is now at a four year high there was stunned silence from the right wing. The only response to date has been to state that the performance of the stock market has nothing to do with the economic policies of the Obama administration.

That is certainly a dog that won’t hunt. The millionaires and billionaires, as well as pension funds and mutual funds that have benefited from this positive development certainly recognize this good news.

The shrinking right wing of the right wing will just continue to live in its delusional world.

El Sueno de Mitt (Mitt’s Dream)

Lost in the turmoil of the self-inflicted wounds contained in the 47% video was a strange wish offered up by Mr. Romney. Referring to his father having been born in Mexico, he noted that George Romney was not Mexican since he was born of American parents. He then noted that it would be “helpful” if he was Latino.

His barely concealed message to the Angry White Man who has felt abused and disadvantaged because of all of the “free stuff” given to Latinos (and blacks) was an offer of comradeship. His dog whistle message was that Latinos (and blacks like Barack Obama) have unfair advantages in this country that honest, hardworking white men have to overcome.

It is incredible and shameful that a privileged and fortunate and successful man like Mitt Romney would employ this kind of tactic. But it has been said before; if you listen to someone long enough they will tell you who they are.
We know who Mitt Romney is – a very sad and pathetic man.

Desperate Times Call For……..?

Want to know how bad things have gotten for the right wing of the right wing? This week the Drudge Report published a photo of President Obama meeting with a man dressed up as a pirate. The caption was that President Obama had time to meet with a dress up pirate but not with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The only problem is that the photo was taken THREE YEARS AGO! Clearly there is no need to let facts get in the way.

But it gets better. In the aftermath of Clint Eastwood arguing with a chair that was supposed to be President Obama there have been several reported instances of angry right wingers lynching chairs.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad….and disgusting.

Have a great weekend!

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Romney’s Demolition Derby

One year ago the Teapublican Klown Car was full to capacity with the likes of Rick Perry and Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Saint Santorum. In Tampa the G.O.Tea Party turned the keys of the Klown Car over to Mitt Romney and he seems to be on a mission to conduct a one man demolition derby between now and November 6th. Every candidate makes a few gaffes. But to call Romney’s miscues gaffes is like calling the Grand Canyon a dip in the road.

Where does one begin? During the Teapublican snorefest in Tampa, the Romney campaign somehow permitted Clint Eastwood to engage in a part-demented, part-funny and part-sad performance art project just before Mr. Romney was supposed to give his long-awaited acceptance speech. The Romney campaign terms anything negative about its candidate a “distraction”. The Eastwoodpalooza certainly qualified as a distraction.

Last week the release of a video containing an intentionally obscene attack on Islam had tragic consequences. The ensuing rioting in the Middle East and Europe resulted in deaths and destruction including the death of the American ambassador to Libya. As the facts of multiple tragedies were being sorted out, Team Romney thought that this would be as good a time as any to attack President Obama.

The body of Ambassador Chris Stevens was (literally) not cold when Mitt Romney stood at the podium to term a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, intended to calm a riotous situation, as “an apology for American values” as well as a defense of the attackers of U.S. Embassy.

Of course, in typical Team Romney fashion they got it wrong. The statement was issues SIX HOURS BEFORE attacks anywhere. And it is not clear what “American values” Mitt Romney was defending. While free speech in this country does include the right to publish vile and offensive material, there is also a right to call that material vile and offensive.

It was pretty easy for Mitt Romney to play armchair quarterback in a campaign office thousands of miles away from the fray. By playing politics among the corpses of dead Americans and the wreckage of American facilities Mitt Romney managed to make himself even smaller in the eyes of many people who are watching him.

It is said that crises reveal people for who they are. If that is the case, Mr. Romney revealed himself as a calculating and appallingly opportunistic little man who is willing to exploit national crisis and tragedy for his own political gain.

But the Klown car careens on, with Mitt Romney wedged behind the wheel, unable to escape the collision with his own self. Because, this week Mother Jones released a video of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraiser in Florida, taped earlier this year.

Lulled into his comfort zone by the absence of the press and the presence of his fellow millionaires Mitt Romney stated the 47% of the American electorate who support President Obama lack personal responsibility, are dependent upon government and believe that they are entitled to things like healthcare, housing and food. Mr. Romney stated that his job was “not to worry about them” and to focus on Americans who support his small government, low tax agenda.

The gaping holes in his facts and his logic are large enough to drive his Klown car through over and over. The reality is that this country has evolved to a point where most people believe that Americans are indeed entitled to health care, housing…………..and food. This is a reality that the Romney-Ryan tag team plan to change.

It is so very clear that Mitt Romney has never personally known anyone who has lost their job and has had to rely on government assistance as a last resort. Mr. Romney has not seen the seemingly endless lines of job applicants when any company, factory or store announces that it is hiring. And Mr. Romney does not realize that the millions of elderly men and women who receive Social Security and Medicare benefits do not see themselves as dependent because they worked their entire lives and paid for the benefits for which they are now entitled.

We keep hearing that Mitt Romney is a “decent man” who has trouble connecting. The only problem – the Mitt Romney who tries to score political points during a national tragedy doesn’t seem very decent. And the Mitt Romney who writes off 47% of the electorate as being dependent and ill-suited for his Brave New World doesn’t seem very decent either.

And he isn’t even very nice to his dog.

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Weekend Edition – September 14, 2012

Mitt in Mouth Disease is not communicable – hopefully. But it would seem that Mitt Romney has contracted a severe and potentially fatal (politically speaking) strain that has him saying the exact wrong thing at the wrong time – over and over again. Meanwhile, the entire Republican Party apparatus is working overtime to explain how they will replace Obamacare with something that sounds a whole lot like Romneycare. And finally, a certified idiot named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and a self-promoting fool by the name of Rev. Terry Jones thought it might be a fun thing to provoke the global Muslim community. They have gone a long way in proving that freedom of speech can be abused and is not without consequence.

Mitt in Mouth Disease

Last week it was mentioned that 17 out of 24 of the senior foreign policy advisors in the Romney/Ryan campaign worked in the Bush/Cheney (or was it Cheney/Bush?) administration. When tragedy and turmoil struck in Egypt and Libya (and now Iran and Yemen), Mitt Romney showed his pedigree by lying and blustering about the entire sad set of incidents.

Mr. Romney started by contending that the Obama Administration had “apologized” after embassies and consulates had been attacked when it simply never happened. The American embassy in Egypt issued a press release SIX HOURS before any American facility was attacked anywhere, indicating revulsion for the pitiful anti-Muslim movie that was designed to inflame and infuriate.

Mr. Romney also didn’t have the decency or intelligence to at least observe a momentary respite on the political battlefield when American Foreign Service workers, including an ambassador, had died on a real battlefield. Instead he seized the opportunity to proclaim the “weakness” of Barack Obama’s foreign policy while actually revealing his own weakness in responding to pressure and crises.

Mr. Romney is learning the hard way that, while there are not a lot of crises in taking over companies, firing employees and selling off the carcass of a looted company, being president means being ready – and being smart – all of the time.


There’s a lot not to like about the recent Klown Krop of Teapublican presidential candidates. But to give proper praise, they have been excellent at proving that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Most recently, Saint Santorum proved that even he could be right on that rare occasion. You may recall that Saint Santorum referred to the Affordable Care Act as ObamaRomneycare because it is so close to the medical care program that was supported by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney has thrown buckets of red meat to his Teapublican legions by proclaiming that he would repeal Obamacare “one day one” of his administration. When questioned in a CBS interview last week, however, Mr. Romney revealed that he would reinstate key provisions of Obamacare immediately after repealing it.

Aside from such a strategy sounding like an enormous waste of time – legislation is typically modified rather than repealed when there are no substantive changes to be made – Mr. Romney also sounded like a man in need of an Etch-A-Sketch……again!


The Associated Press has determined that the two idiots responsible for the vile anti-Islamic video that has sparked outrage and death and violence in the Middle East are Nakoula Nakoula of California and Reverend Terry Jones of Florida. Mr. Nakoula a failed and flawed individual with a criminal record actually made this horrific movie. Reverend Jones is promoting the video. You may recognize Reverend Jones as the charming individual who infamously burned a Koran sparking outrage and death and violence in Afghanistan about a year ago.

Mitt Romney felt compelled to defend this indefensible conduct in the name of free speech. But Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes correctly stated that freedom of speech does not include the right to shout “Fire” in a theater.

The release of the Nakoula video on the internet is the 21st century version of shouting fire in a theater. Nakoula and Jones, especially Jones, knows and wanted the outrage, death and violence that ensued. For that they should be ashamed. But of course, they are not.

For trying to score political points during such a tragedy Mitt Romney should be ashamed. But of course, he is not.

Have a great weekend!

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Romney is Running for King

There seems to be only one logical explanation for the continued arrogant refusal of Mitt Romney to release more than two years of tax returns – he is running for King of America not President. That would make sense. His stubborn and seemingly implacable stance in the face of over a half century of American presidential political tradition seems to indicate that in Romney’s world view, his future subjects need to get over it and get used to it. It would seem that his regal dismissal of inquiries into his finances is a preview of what would be an imperial and imperious Romney presidency.

In 1968 George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father, voluntarily disclosed several years of his tax returns as he began his campaign for president. This established a tradition whereby every major candidate for president has disclosed a minimum of five years of tax returns – every Republican, every Democrat. Every candidate that is, except for Mitt Romney.

In 1974, after the resignation of Richard Nixon, President Gerald Ford appointed then New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller as vice president. Rockefeller, an heir to one of the greatest fortunes in American history was required to appear before a Congressional hearing to confirm his appointment.

As part of this process Rockefeller provided the people of the United States with not only his tax returns, he also provided an exhaustive set of financial statements. This information not only provided a clear picture of Nelson Rockefeller’s financial holdings and interests, it also provided unprecedented insight into the fortunes of the entire Rockefeller family.

No one ever mistook Nelson Rockefeller for being a populist, but he clearly recognized the need for the citizens of the United States to be clear on the financial interests and holdings of a person who would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. The comprehensive nature of his disclosures made it clear that he felt that he had nothing to hide and that his wealth and success did not need to be shrouded in secrecy and denial, hidden behind stonewalls. Clearly Mitt Romney thinks differently.

Incredibly, Mitt Romney has determined that tradition and common sense have no application in his personal universe. The close to half century tradition of presidential candidates disclosing their tax returns does not apply to Mitt Romney according to Mitt Romney. The common sense notion that anyone who is going to have responsibility for almost a third of a billion people and a multi-trillion dollar budget should let people know where his/her financial interest lie does not apply to Mitt Romney according to Mitt Romney.

We already know that Mitt Romney is a rich man. He touts his financial success as a badge of honor and flaunts his wealth with his many mansions and expensive toys and dancing horses. We already know that Mitt Romney has sequestered significant wealth in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. None of this public information indicates illegality, so interested observers, like the American people have to be wondering what is he trying to hide?

Mitt Romney and his wife Ann have planted their feet in cement on this issue. Mrs. Romney has been quoted as saying that “the American people already know everything that they need to know” when it comes to the finances of the Romney family. At least she didn’t suggest that the American people eat cake.

Despite the fact that senior members of the Republican Party have implored him to disclose his tax returns, he refuses to do so. He is so welded to secrecy that his actions seem suspicious to say the least. If he is wealthier than presumed, could he be richer than a Rockefeller? How much money could he possibly have in Swiss and Cayman accounts? And what about the Isle of Man and Vanuatu accounts?

And then there is the matter of hypocrisy. When he was being considered by John McCain for the vice presidential nomination in 2008, Mitt Romney reportedly turned over 23 years of tax returns to the McCain campaign. Clearly he believes that the American people are not entitled to a similar level of information.

To take hypocrisy to even higher levels, when vetting Paul Ryan for the vice presidential nomination, the Romney campaign requested and received several years of Ryan’s tax returns. Clearly the American people are not entitled to the same level of information.

Every American citizen has a right to privacy. However, a man or a woman who decides to run for President of the United States must, of necessity, forego much of that privacy it goes with the territory of presuming to be the Chief Executive of the United States.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have to disclose his tax returns. He also doesn’t have to be president.

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Weekend Edition – September 7, 2012

There is no question that the DNC convention speakers, headlined by President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro stated the party’s position as clearly as possible. One very clear point was made – the Teapublicans want to go back to a mythical past when all was well – well at least for some. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan clearly has an alias – Lyin’ Ryan. He seems to be a man who lies just to stay in practice. He can’t even tell the truth about his running time — and a lot more. Finally, with the presidential election less than 60 days away, it is clearly time for the talking heads/mouths that make a living being Obama naysayers to take a break – the stakes are just too high.

Back to the Future

Last week Julian Castro did a pretty fair imitation of Barack Obama circa 2004. Michelle Obama reminded everyone that she is an exceptional First Lady and all of a sudden talk of Michelle in 2016 started to circulate. Bill Clinton was exceptional in so many ways while Barack Obama reminded everyone why he has always been a very special President of the United States.

While it has been clear that the Romney-Ryan team seeks to go back to a future that is rooted in the past, it was important that the Democratic Party speakers make the point over and over again. Certainly Teapublicans will continue to serve up the same old stew while telling the American people that it is a new item on the menu.

This point was never clearer when it was revealed that 17 of the 24 members of the Romney-Ryan foreign policy team served in the Bush-Cheney administration. That would be the same administration that hoodwinked this country into a war in Iraq and the most dishonorable military disaster in American history.

This would be the same administration that botched the search for Osama bin Laden and mismanaged the military incursion in Afghanistan to the point that the United States is still mired there today. This would be the same administration that frayed and damaged this country’s international standing almost beyond repair.

One would think that serving on the foreign policy team of Bush-Cheney would be an immediate disqualifier. Not for the Romney-Ryan team. They want to go back to the future.

Lyin’ Ryan

Paul Ryan swings from hiding the truth to outright lies. As an example of the latter – he cites his mother taking public transportation every day to attend college to get a degree so that she could improve her professional career. He fails to point out that public transportation on public funded highways to attend college that receives state and federal funds forms an example of how and why government is important in the lives of all Americans. That would be the same governmental structure that he now seeks to dismantle.

As an example of the latter – Congressman Ryan states that he ran a marathon in 2 hours and 50 seconds. Fact checking soon revealed that he ran the referenced marathon in 4 hours and ten minutes – a credible time but nothing like the heroic time that he cited.
He said he forgot.

As someone who ran for thirty years I am very clear that any serious runner knows and remembers their running times in significant races – like a marathon. And no truthful runner could confuse a four hour marathon time with a less than three hour achievement.

It may seem like a small lie but it reveals a disturbing pattern in Mr. Ryan’s very real tendency to lie and misrepresent whenever it is convenient for him to do so.

The Vision Thing

During the past few years several talking heads and running mouths (Tavis Smiley and Cornel West come to mind as examples) have made not so small fortunes bad mouthing nearly everything that President Obama does and says. That is, of course, their constitutional right.

But after the sequence of the Republican and Democratic conventions it should be very clear that there are stark differences between the two candidates this time around. It is not exaggerating to suggest that a Teapublican victory would be catastrophic for many Americans while enriching and engorging a few very wealthy Americans.

One can only hope that these talking heads and running mouths will declare a two month cease fire rather than run the risk of becoming the 2012 version of Ralph Nader circa 2000.

Have a great weekend!

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Romney-Ryan – You Lie!

The key take away from the smoldering stench of the recently deceased Republican convention is that the Romney-Ryan team believes that there are enough people who hate the Kenyan, Muslim anti-Christ currently occupying the White House that they are willing to believe any and every lie that can be told about President Obama. That can be the only logical explanation for adopted a scorched earth policy when it comes to telling the truth about just about everything.

Mercifully Hurricane Isaac shortened the Teapublican Klown Karnival otherwise fact checkers would have been beaten into exhausted submission. When compiling a list of outright, baseless lies, one can start anywhere, so why not with the Pious Paul Ryan who seems to be giving Saint Santorum a run for his money when it comes to retiring the title for sanctimonious self-righteousness.

Paul Ryan, in doleful and lugubrious tones, criticized the Obama Administration auto industry bailout by pointing out that it did not save all the automobile manufacturing plants in the United States. And then he told this sad tale of how the GM plant in Jaynesville, in his home state of Wisconsin had to close because of the ineffectiveness of this feckless bailout program.

There is just one problem with this tearjerker of a story. The referenced GM plant closed in 2008, BEFORE BARACK OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT. And just in case you thought that Mr. Ryan was an impaired graduate of one of the top party schools in America (Miami of Ohio), it was Congressman Ryan who sent a letter to the Jaynesville workers advising them of the plant closing.

Not to be outdone, Mitt Romney has repeatedly criticized Barack Obama for not having signed a single trade agreement during his administration as president. There is just one problem with this insightful critique. BARACK OBAMA HAS SIGNED THREE TRADE AGREEMENTS DURING HIS TENURE AS PRESIDENT.

The Romney-Ryan team has tried to fan the flames of social discord in this country by opposing same sex marriage and further contending that President Obama seeks to impose same sex marriage laws on all Americans. There is just one problem with this piece of despicable rabble rousing. BARACK OBAMA, WHILE ENDORSING SAME SEX MARRIAGE, HAS SUPPORTED LETTING STATES PLAY THE HISTORICAL ROLE OF SETTING MARRIAGE RULES – THE REPUBLICANS SUPPORT A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT THAT WILL TAKE THAT ROLE AWAY FROM THE STATES.

In one of the more embarrassing public spectacles seen on national television since the last time Donald Trump said anything, Clint Eastwood shambled and rambled through his dialogue with an empty chair named Obama, claiming that he did not keep his promise to close the terrorist prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. This bit of zany analysis was endorsed by Mitt Romney who thought that Eastwood was “great”. Just one thing – GUANTANAMO BAY HAS NOT BEEN CLOSED BECAUSE OF THE OPPOSITION OF DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WHEN IT’S CLOSING WAS PROPOSED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA.

The list of lies is endless and shameless. There is the purported “theft” of $786 billion from Medicare that actually represents savings that will ensue from the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare that used to be known as Romneycare. We have been told that the credit rating of the United States was lowered because of the Obama Administration policies when the rating agencies clearly stated that the rating was lowered because of the irresponsible actions of the Republican-led Congress in nearly causing a default by the federal government.

Perhaps the biggest lie of all was Mitt Romney claiming in Tampa that he wanted Barack Obama to succeed. This is most interesting, since no one has recorded a single utterance from Mr. Romney when Rush Limbaugh infamously stated that he wanted newly-inaugurated Barack Obama to fail or when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell darkly muttered that the number one goal of Republicans in Congress was to insure that Barack Obama was a one term president. AND MITT ROMNEY HAS CONVENIENTLY “DISREMEMBERED” THAT PAUL RYAN WAS PART OF A GROUP OF REPUBLICANS WHO MET ON THE NIGHT OF BARACK OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION TO PLOT AND PLAN HIS DEFEAT IN 2012.

Respect for the truth has not been a part of the Teapublican way of doing things. Respect for President Obama is absolutely non-existent. And, in a very real way, it is sad that in perpetrating bald-face lie after transparent lie, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their Teapublican cohorts have no respect for the American people…….and, by the way, what about those tax returns Mr. Romney?