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Weekend Edition – September 14, 2012

Mitt in Mouth Disease is not communicable – hopefully. But it would seem that Mitt Romney has contracted a severe and potentially fatal (politically speaking) strain that has him saying the exact wrong thing at the wrong time – over and over again. Meanwhile, the entire Republican Party apparatus is working overtime to explain how they will replace Obamacare with something that sounds a whole lot like Romneycare. And finally, a certified idiot named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and a self-promoting fool by the name of Rev. Terry Jones thought it might be a fun thing to provoke the global Muslim community. They have gone a long way in proving that freedom of speech can be abused and is not without consequence.

Mitt in Mouth Disease

Last week it was mentioned that 17 out of 24 of the senior foreign policy advisors in the Romney/Ryan campaign worked in the Bush/Cheney (or was it Cheney/Bush?) administration. When tragedy and turmoil struck in Egypt and Libya (and now Iran and Yemen), Mitt Romney showed his pedigree by lying and blustering about the entire sad set of incidents.

Mr. Romney started by contending that the Obama Administration had “apologized” after embassies and consulates had been attacked when it simply never happened. The American embassy in Egypt issued a press release SIX HOURS before any American facility was attacked anywhere, indicating revulsion for the pitiful anti-Muslim movie that was designed to inflame and infuriate.

Mr. Romney also didn’t have the decency or intelligence to at least observe a momentary respite on the political battlefield when American Foreign Service workers, including an ambassador, had died on a real battlefield. Instead he seized the opportunity to proclaim the “weakness” of Barack Obama’s foreign policy while actually revealing his own weakness in responding to pressure and crises.

Mr. Romney is learning the hard way that, while there are not a lot of crises in taking over companies, firing employees and selling off the carcass of a looted company, being president means being ready – and being smart – all of the time.


There’s a lot not to like about the recent Klown Krop of Teapublican presidential candidates. But to give proper praise, they have been excellent at proving that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Most recently, Saint Santorum proved that even he could be right on that rare occasion. You may recall that Saint Santorum referred to the Affordable Care Act as ObamaRomneycare because it is so close to the medical care program that was supported by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney has thrown buckets of red meat to his Teapublican legions by proclaiming that he would repeal Obamacare “one day one” of his administration. When questioned in a CBS interview last week, however, Mr. Romney revealed that he would reinstate key provisions of Obamacare immediately after repealing it.

Aside from such a strategy sounding like an enormous waste of time – legislation is typically modified rather than repealed when there are no substantive changes to be made – Mr. Romney also sounded like a man in need of an Etch-A-Sketch……again!


The Associated Press has determined that the two idiots responsible for the vile anti-Islamic video that has sparked outrage and death and violence in the Middle East are Nakoula Nakoula of California and Reverend Terry Jones of Florida. Mr. Nakoula a failed and flawed individual with a criminal record actually made this horrific movie. Reverend Jones is promoting the video. You may recognize Reverend Jones as the charming individual who infamously burned a Koran sparking outrage and death and violence in Afghanistan about a year ago.

Mitt Romney felt compelled to defend this indefensible conduct in the name of free speech. But Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes correctly stated that freedom of speech does not include the right to shout “Fire” in a theater.

The release of the Nakoula video on the internet is the 21st century version of shouting fire in a theater. Nakoula and Jones, especially Jones, knows and wanted the outrage, death and violence that ensued. For that they should be ashamed. But of course, they are not.

For trying to score political points during such a tragedy Mitt Romney should be ashamed. But of course, he is not.

Have a great weekend!


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