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Weekend Edition – November 16, 2012

In the aftermath of the election it turns out that Mitt Romney was elected president of Angrywhitemenistan – which used to be called the Confederate States of America. Meanwhile, it is becoming more and clearer that the Teapublican voter suppression strategy produced an unintended boomerang effect. And finally, Victoria’s Secret turns out to be shared by millions of insensitive Americans.

Hail to the Chief

The recent election returns have been counted. It turns out that, contrary to popular belief, Mitt Romney was elected president – of Angrywhitemenistan. The borders of this country seem to be defined by the former Confederate States of America and there are thousands of would-be citizens who still believe even after Romney’s defeat on 11.6.12.

Most of the states that voted for Mitt Romney are, with the exception of Florida, located in the former CSA. Most of these states have the worst schools, the least educated population, the least healthy citizens, the highest rates of obesity. The citizens of Angrywhitemenistan also receive the highest proportion of federal assistance services.

We now learn that petitions have already been submitted to the White House from eight states, all of which are former members of the CSA. One can only hope that if these dissatisfied citizens do not succeed with their secession strategy that they consider going into voluntary exile.

They should only take care not to let the door knob hit them on the way out.


During the recent two years over a dozen Teapublican state governors and legislatures attempted to put together a voter suppression apparatus that was specifically intended to dissuade or prevent minority citizens from voting for Barack Obama. Incredibly, these Teapublicans were very transparent about their intent to suppress voter participation so that their presidential nominee would win.

The revelation of this ugly racist strategy inspired millions of minority – and white – voters to go to the polls. People who may not have voted were aroused to make sure that no one denied them the right to vote. So in trying to deny the rights of citizenship to the supporters of President Obama the Teapublicans managed to sink their own chances of winning.

Come On Victoria!

This past week Victoria’s Secret models sashayed down the runway in promoting the company’s December television special. Clearly someone got carried away and one of the scantily clad models paraded before the cameras wearing a Native American headdress.

This wrongful use of an important element of Native American culture prompted outrage and an apology. As well it should. But Victoria’s Secret is not alone.

How is it possible that in American professional sports ethnic slurs and racially demeaning images are still being used in 2012? Why is there still a football team called the Washington Redskins? How can racist cartoon images of Native Americans adorn the uniforms and logos of teams called the Indians and the Braves?

Too many Americans dismiss these concerns as a matter of being too racially correct. But imagine the uproar if there was a basketball team called the New York Niggers or the Chicago Wops. If a professional team had a logo of black slaves picking cotton or Jewish clerks counting money the outrage would be explosive and righteous.

So how is a team called the Redskins o.k.?

I’m just asking.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Edition – November 16, 2012

  1. Tyrone Byrd says:

    Two lessons ( among many) about life that all humans must understand and accept and are proven by history:
    1. God does not like evil , and has His own way (beyond mankind) of correcting it.
    2. Love conquers hate time and time again.

    Mankind can either learn those lessons easily or hard, but they will be learned.

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