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Weekend Edition – December 7, 2012

There is a reason why people who perform extraordinary deeds are called heroes and it seems on a midday subway platform in New York City this past week there were none to be found. Meanwhile New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez can console himself with the knowledge that he was only benched for one half of a game, Fox News has banished Karl Rove to the pines for a much longer time. And finally, Senator Jim DeMint has announced that he is resigning from the Senate to become president of a think tank – the word “oxymoron” immediately comes to mind.

We May Need Another Hero

Earlier this week Ki Suk Han was standing on a subway platform one moment and the next moment he was pushed to the subway tracks in front of an oncoming train. What we do know is that Mr. Han tried to get back on the platform for twenty seconds.
What we do know is that no one on that midday subway platform tried to help him climb to safety.

What we do know is that one R. Umar Abbasi, a photographer for the New York Post the time to take a number of pictures with his camera.

What we do know is that Mr. Han was struck by that oncoming train and died on the scene.

What we also know is that it is very hard to be a hero, which is why they are so few and so deserving of honor and praise.

What we do know is that there were no heroes on that New York City subway platform last week.


During this football season the New York Jets have led the league in gratuitous drama if not wins. Last week, keeping it interesting, Jets coach Rex Ryan benched starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and the third string backup quarterback led the team to victory. And then Mark Sanchez was re-anointed as the starter, at least for now.

Not to be outdone in the gratuitous drama department Fox News has benched Karl Rove and Dick Morris. One has to believe that the real time election night meltdown of Karl and Dick had something to do with the Fox suits deciding that it was time for Rove and Morris to ride the pine for a while.

And while we will miss their adamant stupidity and their dedication to falsehood, the nation and the world are better off without them on the air.

The Oxymoron of the Year

The basic definition of “oxymoron” is basically a figure of speech which is self-contradictory – expressions like “jumbo shrimp” and “military justice” come to mind. Now, thanks to soon to be former Senator Jim DeMint we can add one more.

In his infinite wisdom Senator DeMint, one of the godfathers of the Tea Party movement, has accepted the position of president of the Heritage Foundation conservative think tank. That would be the same Jim DeMint who has authored or enthusiastically supported the wackiest elements of the Tea Party including birther strategies, the denial of evolution and climate change as well as welcoming the national default that was barely avoided.

“Jim DeMint and think tank” – an oxymoron for the ages.

Have a great weekend!


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