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Weekend Edition – May 24, 2013

It appears that we are still at a point in human history where respecting people regardless of their gender preference is news and that is why the Boy Scouts made the news. Meanwhile the Teapublicans, ever creative in their efforts to torment President Obama have a new toy – the fake scandal machine. And all the while, supporters of the president are as silent as lambs.

Boy Scouts and History

This week the Boy Scouts of America announced that they will accept openly gay young men into their ranks as members. While this clear act of humanity and civility should not have to be news, it clearly still needs to be news.

First, it should be noted that the Boy Scouts of America have decided to slowly enter the twenty first century as it will not allow openly gay men to be scoutmasters. And, from the howls and squawks from the righteously bigoted, one would have thought that the BSA had endorsed polygamous bestiality or some other awful practice.

At some point the bigoted right and the righteously bigoted will come to the realization that respecting other people does not diminish their own humanity or endanger their own values. But clearly, they are not there yet.

The Teapublicans New Toy

In the brave new world of the Teapublican terrorists who are occupying Congress and holding this country hostage to their distinctly un-American ideology, blindly and wildly attacking the President of the United States is a useful way for the government of the United States to spend its time. And so we watch the Teapublicans lurch from birther “investigations” to Benghazi “cover ups” to an imaginary IRS “scandal”.

Given the arrogant mendacity of the Bush-Cheney years, one would think that the supporters of that besmirched administration would be a bit hesitant is using the word “scandal”. But, if nothing else, the Teapublicans are brash, arrogant and without shame.

We have actually heard some Teapublicans calling for a special prosecutor to “investigate” all of these “scandals”. Presumably the Teapublicans think that a special prosecutor can do a better job of obstructing the Obama administration then they have been able to do with their record number of filibusters and their very sad record of meaningless protest votes (see the 37 times that the Teapublicans have futilely voted to repeal Obamacare).

I fully expect that if the special prosecutor tactic does not work the Teapublicans will turn to their old standby – torches and pitchforks.

Silence of the Lambs

As the recent Teapublican attacks on Barack Obama have seeped into the mainstream media, like sewage sometimes seeps into the water supply, there has been remarkable silence on the part of representatives of his strongest constituency. The silence of these lambs is a mystery indeed.

Every member of the Congressional Black Caucus represents a district that voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. It does not require a great deal of insight to conclude that the voters in these districts cannot be pleased with the unremitting barrage of fact-deficient charges that are leveled against the president on almost a daily basis.

Yet, it is a rare sight to see one or members of the CBC step up to a microphone and take on their Teapublican colleagues and call them out for what they are – neo-terrorists who are holding the country hostage while they seek to nullify the results not one, but two national elections.

The silence of these lambs is all the more curious because it is hard discern the political risk that the CBC members are taking by coming to the defense of President Obama.

I am certain that the members of the CBC do not think of themselves as lambs, but as Bob Marley once said, “If the cap fit, let them wear it”.

Have a great weekend!


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