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Casting the Second Stone

The controversy surrounding L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his race based rant is fascinating and in some ways difficult to understand. Of course, Sterling’s comments are reprehensible but considering that the Confederate flags still fly over state capitols where NBA franchises are located, it should not be a surprise to discover that some white people really don’t like black people. But if Donald Sterling is to be drawn and quartered for making hateful comments about black people, do black people who make similarly hateful and harmful comments about black people get a pass?

One could argue that enough has been written about a cranky old white man who debases himself before his too-young-for-him mistress of color. True, he does own an NBA franchise, and true, many black people play in the NBA. And true, there is nothing defensible about his comments about black people. Ergo, so the torch and pitchfork carrying media mob contends, Donald Sterling should be forced to give up his NBA franchise and live his remaining years wearing ashes and sackcloth.

But, as noted, this is a country where the stench of the slave holding Confederate States of America is still fresh in the breezes that blow Confederate flags above state capitols and state universities in too many places. This is a country where the first black President of the United States has been called a monkey, the AntiChrist, an alien interloper and a liar on the floor of Congress, all without consequence. And this is a country where black people are routinely barred from the corridors of power by unspoken rules of the road, not by a white robed Jim Crow, but by a  bespoke pinstripe suit attired James Crow 2.0.

So it should be no surprise when a white man (or woman), who is unaware that they are being recorded, tells us how they really feel about black people. And it certainly seems like the torch and pitchfork media mob and its enablers are more than a little disingenuous in excoriating Sterling while racism and horrific language are hurled at black Americans without consequence every day – by black people.

Donald Sterling is eighty years old. He could live another eighty years and never use the word “nigger” as many times as Jay-Z has. The only difference is that Jay-Z has “niggered” his way to an enormous fortune, seemingly without consequence and certainly with little or no criticism. Certainly Jay-Z has never encountered the withering firestorm of criticism from LeBron James, Charles Barkley, the Reverend Al Sharpton or the Reverend Jesse Jackson that the hapless fool that we know as Donald Sterling has experienced.

Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborated on the misogynistic and obviously racist “Niggers in Paris” album and the silence from the Sterling hangmen was deafening. The characterization and reference to black women as “bitches” and “ho’s” and worse has been part of the accepted culture of “artists” like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Little Wayne, Fifty Cent and so many more and nowhere has there been a call to boycott their lucrative “art” or to skewer them Sterling-style.

And let us not forget the less than memorable Cornel West and his anti-Obama rants, likening the first black President of the United States to a “lap dog”. And while Dr. West is entitled to his full exercise of free speech, his off the chain critiques of President Obama have given clear aid and comfort to the enemy. And yet, Cornel West continues to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees based on the insults and calumny that he hurls at President Obama again, without consequence and certainly without receiving the Sterling Special Treatment.

There is nothing about Donald Sterling that is worthy of defense or further mention. The “art” of Jay-Z, Fifty Cents, Little Wayne, Kanye West and others have had a deep cultural and behavioral impact on the American black community, almost all of it negative and decidedly demeaning.

On his worst day Donald Sterling has never inflicted as much damage on the black community as the aforementioned crew and their running buddies. After the torch and pitchfork crew is finished with Sterling, maybe they will turn their attention to the real villains.



6 thoughts on “Casting the Second Stone

  1. John R. Posey says:

    bringing Jay-Z and Kanye into the discussion seems to be a case of misguided misdirection and further complicates this sorry episode…You are giving Sterling a “Hall Pass” by trying to minimize his statements…You are dating yourself with this viewpoint my brother….

  2. tomavitabile says:

    I have been outraged at the “Hip-Hop-crisy” for a long time. I applaud you Wallace, for having the courage to call out these multimillionaires and their corporate partners who are cashing in by sustaining negative stereotypes and engaging in derogatory practices to their heritage, inflicting disrespect on women and casting unflattering light on their culture. This self-subjugation of a noble people must end.

  3. Monica Etienne says:

    Well put! This was an excellent read. I hope others can take heed to the underlined issue mentioned here.

  4. abdlkarim@aol.com says:

    Greetings Wali,

    Hope all is well with you and yours and that you are well settled into your new position at Medgar Evers, which I note was mentioned in a recent Dartmouth Alumni issue.

    I am keeping up with Point of View and enjoy it very much. I wanted to let you know that the following statement gave me pause, because of the inclusion of “Muslim” in a litany of insults.

    “This is a country where the first black President of the United States has been called a monkey, a Muslim, an alien interloper and a liar on the floor of Congress, all without consequence.

    I am aware that the President has been accused of being Muslim as an attack upon his fitness for office, and I am not saying its inclusion in this list was an intended insult, just sayin’ it gave me pause.

    Keep up the good fight. Have a great day!


    Abdoul Rahim

    Abdoul Rahim AbdoulKarim 1300 East Ninth Street

    Suite 1600 Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Tel: 216.621.5161 Fax: 216.621.2399

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