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Black Lives Don’t Matter

The recent revelation by Richard Nixon’s domestic policy advisor that primary motivation behind the so-called War on Drugs was to destabilize the national black community should have ignited a firestorm of outrage. The truth is that the outrage has been muted in the black community and the white community has been just plain mute. Given how successful the War on Drugs has been in accomplishing its mission in destabilizing black lives, the deathly silence at its revelation raises the legitimate question, do black lives really matter in these United States of America?

Since the inception of the “Black Lives Matter” movement a constant question has hovered regarding its necessity. After all, don’t “all lives matter”? And that ought to be true that “all lives matter”, but clearly that is not the case.

Imagine if the revelation of the racist origins of the War on Drugs indicated a focus on the Irish community, or the Italian community or the Jewish community. Imagine that the results of this racist policy were the destabilization, degradation and incarceration of millions of members of the targeted ethnic group. It is fair to imagine that there would be one hell of a firestorm of justifiable outrage accompanied by clarion calls to eliminate all vestiges of this “war” as a reasonable first step – followed by enormous remediation strategies including reparations for the victims.
Putting aside this bit of imaginative thinking, the revelations of the Nixon policies targeted black Americans has elicited barely a yawn. It has been a 24 hour story at best.

There have been no calls for Congressional investigation and there has be virtual silence from the Congressional Black Caucus.

CNN, MSNBC and BET have dedicated a few moments of air time to this horror of historic proportions and then gone back to the mind numbing coverage of the Republican Clown Show that is disguised as a presidential campaign. Indeed, none of the remaining five presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican have taken note of this governmental atrocity.

It seems as if all Americans have become anesthetized when it comes to tragedies in the black community. Whether it is police violence, infant mortality, mass incarceration, gang violence or truncated life expectancy there is no shock value left regarding these tragedies and so many more.

And perhaps the final and sad explanation is that black lives really do not matter in this country. And that final and sad explanation is supported by the fact that the story of the Nixon race strategy, a strategy that comes uncomfortably close to community genocide, is not surprising given past American history and current American reality. And clearly the institutional disaster visited upon the national black community is not enough to elicit protest, demonstration and demands for true justice.

Where are the black ministers thundering from the pulpits, calling out this injustice and demanding justice? When is the next NAACP march, when is the next Black Lives Matter demonstration, when is the issue even going to be raised during the seemingly infinite number of presidential debates?

The answers are nowhere, never and never. The reality of black lives really not mattering in this country is a suffocating and sad reality in the United States of America.


One thought on “Black Lives Don’t Matter

  1. wbarnard says:

    Comment: Mr. Ford, I cannot say that I enjoyed reading your essay below. What you have documented is truly a sad state of affairs in this nation. I completely understand your frustration and amazement as to the apathy of the government, the presidential candidates, the media, and white and black America regarding this latest revelation. How could such apathy and indifference exist, even among those victimized – black Americans? IMHO when we are witnessing the fulfillment of divine prophecy. You see, black folk in America, indeed all over the world, suffer from one critical deficiency – a lack of identity. Like a tree without roots, we are an unfulfilled and powerless people who contribute to our own miseries, because we really do not know who we are. If we knew who we truly were perhaps our attitudes and behaviors would change.  Why is it that we have no history prior to slavery? Why is it that we don’t know what our original language was? Why don’t we know who our God was? Why don’t we know where we originally came from?  For answers, I would suggest that you will take the time to read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 carefully and note the detailed and graphic descriptions of the various “curses” that would befall newly freed infant nation Israel if they failed to obey their Liberator first. Chains around necks, put on ships, transported to a far away land, taken by a fierce and merciless people, sold into slavery, women raped, children taken, powerless, build houses, plant crops, tend livestock to no benefit, strangers living among them and rising higher while they sink lower, living in fear, having no assurance of life with no one to defend them or protect them, (black lives do not matter) etc, etc, etc. Then compare those conditions with the official chronicles of the conditions endured by our enslaved ancestors, you will find a perfect match in every instance. What have we here? Conclusion? These are one and the same people. The apathy, indeed, the hatred we too often exhibit toward one another, is not the result of the “Willie Lynch letter syndrome”, although that strategy reinforced our hatred of self. However, the true source of our misery is our ancestors violation of a sacred convenant with the Most High that is still valid to this day.  The good news is our affliction, as a people, is nearing it’s end. Genesis 15:13, 14 tells us 400 years of misery will be endured by us and then we will be liberated by the Creator. Chattel slavery, as described in Deuteronomy 28, began in 1619 in America. Of course, few will understand and fewer still will be moved by this message in harmony with the clear statements of the Messiah, “they will have ears, but cannot hear and eyes but cannot see”. The few who can “see” and “hear” are the ones chosen to survive what is fast approaching – the final end of this evil, ungodly system of domination and bloodshed. (Matthew 24:22) Most of us will take no note until it is too late. Let us hope you are one of the few who have ears to hear and eyes to see. This is my mission in life – open the “ears” and “eyes” of the “elect”. Shalom, my friend. ‘ Freedom is not free. Those who refuse to stand up for something will fall for anything. No one can enslave you or your mind without your permission…’

    Yosef aka Wes Bernard

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