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The World According to Trump

It is a matter of bizarre curiosity and obvious fact that upon becoming the official presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump is even less restrained and is now totally devoid of anything resembling self-control. While questions regarding Trump’s fitness for the office of President of the United States sprout like bewildered weeds, there are even more questions being asked about the tens of millions of American men and women who think that he should be elected?

The litany of Trump gaffes, blunders and blatant acts of indecency are taking on the stuff of legend. Indeed, if Donald Trump wanted to lose the presidential election, he would be doing exactly what he has been doing since the conclusion of the DNC Convention in Philadelphia last week.

Case in Point 1 – On the last night of the DNC Convention Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Pakistani-American parents of Humayun Khan, appeared on the podium. Humayun Khan was a posthumous recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart as a result of his death protecting his fellow American soldiers in Afghanistan in 2004.

Mr. and Mrs. Khan, still bent by the unknowable grief of losing a child, were on stage to attack Donald Trump’s stated plan to ban all Muslims from entering America “until we figure out what’s going on”. Mr. Khan, a lawyer from Minnesota, eloquently expressed his family’s hopes and dreams in coming to America as well as their tear stained pride in the ultimate sacrifice made by their son.

Mr. Khan concluded by pointing out that Donald Trump ignored the Constitution with his proposed Muslim ban. He also correctly pointed out that Trump had “sacrificed nothing and no one” for this country.

True to form, Donald Trump attacked this Gold Star family, speculating that Mrs. Khan did not speak on the podium because her Muslim religion prevented her from doing so (not true). He also provided us with a quick glimpse of the World According to Trump when he actually equated Humayun Khan’s death and the sacrifice of his parents with his business accomplishments (conveniently mentioning that he received and accepted five draft deferments during the Vietnam War). The obscenity of his analogy was presented in full view of the entire nation.

Case in Point 2 – At a campaign rally a military veteran gave Trump his own Purple Heart – an award granted to members of the military who are wounded in action. Rather than graciously demurring, Trump accepted the medal, as unworthy as he is, and stated “I always wanted a Purple Heart, getting it this way is much easier”.

One wonders what the thousands of Purple Heart recipients must think. And what do the families of the wounded veterans think when they hear such words?

Case in Point 3 – Responding to President Obama’s characterization of him as being “unfit” to be president, Trump stated that Barack Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States. Aside from the fact that this country’s recovery from the Great Crash of 2008, the passage of the Dodd Frank Act, the creation of 10 million jobs and the passage of the Affordable Care Act all occurred during the Obama presidency and make Trump’s statement beyond ridiculous, he continued to put his belief in fact free rhetoric on display.

It is hard to believe that even the most acidic critics of President Obama would think that he was worst than Richard Nixon, who resigned prior to his inevitable indictment and impeachment and who, quite likely would have gone to prison but for his pardon by President Gerald Ford. And is Trump seriously suggesting that George W. Bush was a better president than Barack Obama even though Bush misled this country into two seemingly endless wars, watched thousands of Americans die and was at the helm when the American economy almost evaporated?

Of course, by now, it is clear that fact free is the way to go in the World According to Trump.

Case in Point 4 – When questioned about how he would advise his daughter, Ivanka Trump, if she were sexually harassed in the workplace, he actually said that he would advise her to go to another company or find another career. One can only wonder how any adult woman or man would support a man who would countenance sexual harassment and counsel retreat and defeat rather than standing up for basic human rights.

As Donald Trump reveals his true self one is reminded of House Committee on UnAmerican Activites counsel Joseph Welch’s comment to Joseph McCarthy in the midst of the communist witch hunt of the 1950’s – “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

When it comes to Donald Trump, the answer is quite clear.


2 thoughts on “The World According to Trump

  1. wbarnard says:

    Well written and articulated, my brother. Trump is an immature, spoiled, “ugly American”. But Hillary is a confirmed criminal and sociopath. No matter who is elected, black people will continue to be the poor underclass of this nation. Neither one has any interest in finding real solutions to the manifold problemsof our people. So, my only problem I have with your write-up is, so what? It will not matter who is elected to run this country, black people will continue to be irrelevant, collateral damage as our oppressor marches forward with his strategies and agendas. So why waste time worrying about his system? #blacklivesmatter will not change the system of white supremacy. We mustchange our relationship with their system. Here is a question to ponder: “How do you fight an enemy that you are totallydependent upon?” Obviously, this is the reality for black people in America. Another questions toponder: “How do we change the relationship with our oppressor, from one of total dependence to independence?” We have the knowledge, education, experience and the capital – $1.4 trillion is flowingthrough our communities yearly, yet we own nothing and control nothing. What is lacking? Leadership, vision, unity and courage.  When do we stop whining about how our white oppressors conduct theirbusiness and begin to conduct our own? Why do we continue to fight anenemy we are totally dependent upon? Why do we expect our white oppressors to give us something that belongs to them? Why do we spend98c of every dollar we earn with our enemy? Does this mean we are financingour own oppression?  When will we wake up and realize that we need to create our own educational, economic, spiritual and political systems and let our white oppressors system  implode? Are we prepared for the implosion of our oppressors system? If not now, when? If not us, who?  This is our challenge today. What do we tell our grandchildren, when they ask: “Grampa, what were you doing when America imploded and leftmillions homeless, hungry and abandoned?” Now is the time for us to get our heads together and brainstorm the creation of our own systems and institutions that we manage for the benefit of all who participate.  Those who do not want to work do not eat.  Peace family. ‘ Freedom is not free. Those who refuse to stand up for something will fall for anything. No one can enslave you or your mind without your permission…’

    Yosef aka Wes Bernard

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  2. ras nagrom says:

    Dr. Ford,
    I had the privileged of your constitutional course at Cuny Medgar Evers College. As this article is an example of your great writings, I thankful for your documented truths.

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