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He Said. She Said. We Said.

It should come as no surprise that a president who has credible sexual assault accusations in the double digits would, in his haste to select a right wing of the right wing justice to the Supreme Court, end up selecting a candidate with sexual assault accusations in the mere single digits. We can be sure that in Trump World, Brett Kavanaugh is an altar boy in comparison to Donald Tinyhands.

As we watch the made-for-t.v. soap opera featuring Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford play out on smartphones and television screens and computer monitors throughout the country we can become distracted by the opera and miss the real story. We may never know the entire truth about Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, but anyone who has traveled the elite prep school/Ivy League universe knows that her story is not implausible. The boys to men story in these institutions features behavior that ranges from puerile to criminal. And when these boys become men they become corporate titans, bank executives, high powered lawyers, Midas-like investment bankers and, Congressmen, governors, presidents and……..judges.

But while the nation ponders the He Said/She Said conundrum, it is barely noticed that Trump is seeking to appoint a beast of a conservative to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s views on women’s rights, civil rights, environmental issues and executive privilege would make Antonin Scalia proud, but he will wreak havoc on this country for a quarter of a century if he makes it to the Supreme Court.

And short of him being the featured star in a video involving a menagerie of farm animals, the Republican majority in the Senate will allow this judicial beast to roam the halls of the Supreme Court for the rest of his life. Even if that means that during his lifetime Kavanaugh will do all that he can to make lives miserable for millions of Americans. And he will also serve as the poster boy for why voting matters. And for all the men and women who sat out the 2016 election, or voted for Bernie or Trump or Howdy Doody because they didn’t “like” Hillary, now they can only look back in sorrow at the horrific consequences of their error.

Meanwhile, we see the Teapublican white males who populate the majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee pontificating on the horror, the horror, of even accusing Kavanaugh of sordid behavior, only giving the appearance of concern for Dr. Ford. One would think that after the recent revelations of sexual misconduct in corporations, movie studios, the Catholic Church and Congress, Dr. Ford’s claims should not be dismissed without a full investigation. Yet there is this rush to confirmation that reflects a Republican-imposed timeline.

And we are supposed to ignore the fact that in 2016 the Republicans erased any semblance of a timeline when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. In that case, of course the nominee did not even get a hearing, much less a vote, but now, even the delay of a week to allow for a full investigation of Dr. Ford’s claims is unthinkable. And the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote to confirm Kavanaugh as soon as day breaks.

Clearly hypocrisy is best kept in the dark along with Brett Kavanaugh’s secrets.


3 thoughts on “He Said. She Said. We Said.

  1. Omeil Morgan says:

    Greetings Director Dr. W. Ford,Give thanks for your point of views. At 4th paragraph word store read like story. Best Regards 

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