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Trump is Only the Symptom and Impeachment is Not the Cure

I have been writing Point of View columns for the past decade and if you were to choose to review some of those columns you will find some very real consistency when it comes to The Matter of Donald J. Trump. First, I have always tried to usefully express my disdain, dislike, disapproval and total absence of respect for anything and everything Trump – long before he became president and certainly during every minute of every hour of every day of his presidency. And I cannot imagine anything that Trump can say or do change my Point of View.

Second, even a cursory review of my columns over the past years will reveal ongoing expressions of concern regarding the growth, proliferation and embedding of right wing of the right wing visions of this country going into the ascendancy. The white backlash in this country predates Trump and will be with us long after he descends into that special brimstone subterranean golf course that awaits him. This backlash, which belongs almost exclusively to a significant and meaningful segment of white America is not only race-based, it is also misogynistic, xenophobic, tax averse and cross-eyed crazy about limiting the power of government to help people.

Donald Trump certainly has found a way to give a voice to those who perceive themselves to be voiceless and fear the loss of their white supremacy and their male domination and that their brave new world that will be more brown than white, more female than male and more embracing of difference. Trump has adapted his voice to be profane, vulgar, ignorant and totally devoid of fact, science, knowledge or logic. And there are over 50 million men and women who would vote for him today knowing all that we know about his corruption, his lies, his disgraceful behavior and sheer meanness.

The point is, that if somehow Trump were to be impeached his Republican enablers in the Senate would simply never convict him, so he will never be removed from office by that mechanism. And the further point is that if the Democrats spend the time and energy and effort to impeach him by “proving” his high crimes and misdemeanors in detail, Trump will turn impeachment into a badge of honor and his supporters will swarm to the polls to save their savior.

And even with a successful impeachment, Democrats will provide history with a textbook example of a pyrrhic victory by succeeding with the impeachment process but diminishing their own supporters who will be exhausted and demoralized when they see Trump still in office – and – in the process mobilizing Trump’s “base”. The result being four more disastrous years of a Trump presidency.

It may be better to reveal his high crimes and misdemeanors through investigations and hearings and using the results of those proceedings as talking points for the twenty plus three Democratic presidential candidates.

It is important to change the narrative that Trump currently controls. Impeachment is simply not the solution as tantalizing as that piece of poison fruit might be. Changing hearts and minds is more difficult, but it is the answer.


2 thoughts on “Trump is Only the Symptom and Impeachment is Not the Cure

  1. How correct your conclusion is! The goal is to defeat him with a viable (Joe Biden) Democratic Candidate in November 2020. Not an impossible impeachment and conviction in the Senate. Democrats would be shooting themselves in the foot.

  2. Glorine Dobbins Edwards says:

    I have read your columns for many years. On this one I vehemently disagree. Trump is a disgrace to the office and to this nation. It is time for his criminal and crass incompetence to be banished from the White House. We cannot afford to have him there until 2021.The case is strong. Why is it you and others who think like you do not trust the facts once vociferously and daily explained to the American people? Congressional representatives were elected to lead not to follow. We’re talking about opening an impeachment inquiry. Surely no one can believe after receiving a 400+ page report that there isn’t enough to go at least that far. Shame on you.

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