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A Hate Supreme

Part of the singularly American mindset is the belief that the stated ideals of this country constitute reality, when in fact that is not, and has not, been the case – ever. The Declaration of Independence speak to all men being created equal and there is no doubt that not one of the signatories actually believed it.

The Constitution speaks about “we the people” when the so-called white and largely slave holding Founding Fathers absolutely did not believe for a nanosecond that “the people” included women, white men without property, black people or the indigenous people who had the horrible misfortune of living on land that white Europeans coveted and stole.

It is this willful blindness that has created a public conversation regarding the “rise” of white supremacy and white nationalism and white terrorism as if the recent massacres committed by self-confessed white nationalists is representative of some kind of new phenomenon that is new to America. All the while, even a passing familiarity with American history would reveal that white supremacy/nationalism/terrorism is embedded in the American DNA.

Consider that only an absolute belief in white supremacy could justify Europeans coming to what became North America and claiming the entire continent despite the fact that millions of indigenous people had established civilizations over thousands of years. And, after the first “explorers” “discovered” that this continent was huge and bountiful, the concept of Manifest Destiny proclaimed that some divine right empowered white Americans to literally steal an entire continent.

Consider that even before there was a United States, race-based slavery was an absolute fact of life. And this “peculiar institution” was founded on the notion of white supremacy and the innate inferiority of people of African descent. This concept was embedded so deeply that a Civil War was fought in order to divest slaves from the slave owners who believed so deeply in white supremacy that were willing to kill and die for their belief.

Consider that after the Civil War and throughout the 20th century, state sanctioned white terrorism – based on concepts of white supremacy and white nationalism – victimized black Americans, not only in the South, but in virtually every part of these United States. For those exposed to only the sanitized version of American history, it is important to know that this is the 100th anniversary of the “Red Summer” when over 1000 black men, women and children were murdered by mobs of white terrorists in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bodies of the victims were dumped into a common grave. And it was during this same summer of 1919 that the black town of Rosewood, Florida and its residents were wiped from the face of the earth by mobs of white terrorists.

It is important to understand that the concept of white supremacy countenanced the white terrorist lynching of thousands of black citizens throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. And it was that same concept white supremacy that allowed white Americans who did not participate directly in this carnage to turn a blind eye and do absolutely nothing.

It was a white supremacist terrorists who blew up the church in Birmingham, Alabama killing four black girls. And it was white supremacist terrorists who killed Emmit Till and Schwerner, Cheney and Goodman and Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King and Harry T. Moore and Viola Liuzzo and so many more.

White supremacy, white nationalism are not new to America. These vile notions are unworthy of the stated ideals of this country but they are as much a part of history as the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

And certainly, the first step to addressing this sad and pathetic aspect of the American Way is to acknowledge the truth – white supremacist terrorism is part of the American Way and it cannot be removed until it is acknowledged.


7 thoughts on “A Hate Supreme

  1. BhamBro says:

    Acknowledgement of wrongdoing/sinning is a far cry from atonement .. White supremacy is embedded in every institution/system in America and it’s these very systems that will continue to preserve white supremacy ..

    If we choose we can delude ourselves into believing that there’s hope for reconciliation (hows that working in South Africa) .. Capitalism, one of the main pillars of white supremacy has created a greed that has tricked Black Folks into enslaving themselves .. the analogy of a horse/mule being enticed to pull a cart with a dangling carrots is apropos .. needless to say the animal never gets the carrot .. and Black Folks will never be afforded economic parity, etc ..

    So my friend .. continue to “keep hope alive” and maybe when Jesus comes, “in the bye and bye” we will all get together .. 😜

    • Thank you Wallace. You have turned your Keen eye on the sorrowful history of white supremacists and the history of America and their ilk around the world.
      For us and our brothers and sisters in the diaspora the struggle continues.💯

  2. Antonette says:

    Thank you for this post. I think this was needed to tell people who do not know already that white supermacy has been embedded in america for a long long time.

  3. Leonard Johnson says:

    Wallace, their are many things that need to change in this country and here are the things that must change if we are sincere about correcting the course of history.
    1) Remove Mitch McConnell and take over the Senate to combine with the Congress.
    2) Win the Presidency in 2020 at any cost.
    3) Win Governors across the country to allow State laws to offset Federal.
    4) Safeguard against Russia or any foreign country from hacking our elections.
    deal with Facebook, My Space. Twitter , A.I Bots and any Social Media hacking.
    5)Democrats need to focus on all the small states that the President won. They gave him the electoral votes that took the election from Clinton.
    6)If successful in 2020, truly Drain the Swamp and retire all members over 70.
    Setup term limits for everyone.

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