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Time to Thin the Herd

This is how bizarre the Democratic presidential race has become – if you added up your eyes, fingers, nose and toes – you would barely, just barely, exceed the number of Democratic candidates who are presuming to run for office. How anyone in authority at the Democratic National Committee –are you even listening Tom Perez? – can think that totally exhausting the limited attention span of the American public is a good way to find someone who can drive Donald Tinyhands from office is simply beyond comprehension.

People who consider themselves “political junkies” are finding that watching 6 hours of twenty candidates debating on consecutive nights is just too much. The notion that be putting a pride of candidates, or a gaggle of candidates or a murder of candidates in front of American voters would demonstrate the strength and depth and diversity of the Democratic party must have been a conclusion that was arrived at when bright ideas were in short supply.

There is no doubt that all of the candidates are good men and women. But there has to be higher bar – like demonstrated potential for electability (see Barack Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention) or undeniable celebrity (see Donald Trump in 2015). Using these rather basic metrics perhaps there are six of the candidates who need to be battling for the right to go up against Trump. Instead, there are twenty (!!!!) and it is hard to make the case that most Americans, or even most Democrats, believe that the other fourteen could somehow win the nomination and then beat Trump.

And, at the end of the day, Trump provides clear reasons for the need to defeat him virtually every day – whether it is relaxing the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act or mugging for the cameras with the infant of two of the El Paso murder victims in his arms or providing the El Paso killer with the psychic ammunition that ultimately killed Latinos who Trump has called invaders on numerous occasions.

At the end of the day, this is not the time for vanity campaigns or tryouts for the 2024 election cycle. Anything and everything that distracts or detracts from the movement to remove Trump from office poses a danger for the American people who could be victimized by Trump for another four years.

Some of these Democratic candidates would do well to run for Congress or the Senate in their home states and provide the platform for eradicating some of the more egregious actions of the Trump administration. But all of the candidates would do well to remember that Donald Trump has already appointed two right wing of the right wing Supreme Court justices. If he were to be reelected he could end up giving lifetime appointments to a proto-conservative Supreme Court majority that would last for decades (!!!!!) no matter who was elected in 2024.

There is another round of debates coming up in September…..one can only hope that after that it will be clear to one and all that it is time to thin the herd. American cannot afford this circus called the Democratic Party presidential campaign.





4 thoughts on “Time to Thin the Herd

  1. Sean Anthony Holman says:

    Dr. Ford, reading your article is equivalent to receiving an anecdote that is in scarce supply; or ‘iced water’, being served in the desert! I was going to say ‘hell’. We are so close…..

  2. Glorine Dobbins Edwards says:

    The only job Dems need to get done is the official initiation of an impeachment inquiry. Beating donald trump should be of no concern whatever. Drawing up Articles of Impeachment within the next nine months, then educating the American people daily are the way Dems can show they are leaders. I am tired of thoughtful Dems and Independents ignoring the greatest threat to civil and human rights since reconstruction.

  3. Anthony Raby says:

    I despise the pseudo-humanistic Dems (voter registration party affiliation notwithstanding) almost as much as I do the facists. The greed of our generation — liberal and conservative alike (as though the terms had any meaning in America once it comes down to money) — is emblematic of what could be its motto: “Speak sideways, think and do as you will as long as you do not get caught.” We invested in no one but ourselves and in the process forgot that those less talented, less aware retained as much of the vote as those who were comparatively enlightened. Re ‘circuses,’ one bigger than the farcical presidential electoral process is a federal elections system whereby a poorly educated populace can undo its own decisions every two years:hand a president a mandate; cut the feet out from under him in the mid-terms two years later. Give me a parliamentary system every time.

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