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A Brief Tour of Trump World

This past weekend provided a shockingly bizarre visit to the world in which Donald Trump resides. He is clearly a citizen of an alternative universe where no sense makes sense, and his minions and sycophants and enablers continue to allow him to unleash his special brand of madness all over the world.

Consider that in an unusual display of his recognizing his duties as President of the United States Trump seemed to wisely decide to forego attending the observance of the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland and attend to what appeared to be impending disaster and emergency management concerns related to the approach of Hurricane Dorian. And then he spent this past weekend golfing at one his private clubs while posting ridiculous and insane weather tweets and ad hominem attacks directed at his target du jour, or sometimes target of the minute.

And so, when London Mayor Sadiq Khan noted Trump’s absence in Poland while being a ubiquitous denizen of the golf course, Trump lost it. Butchering the spelling of Mayor Khan’s name – i.e. Sadique Kahn – he insulted the mayor, claimed that there was a knife crime wave in London and that the first Muslim mayor of London should “stay out of our business”. And, of course, the fact that he was being criticized by a Muslim was just more than the bigot in Trump could stand.

And it should be recalled that when the female Prime Minister of Denmark called his proposal to purchase Greenland “ridiculous”, Trump lost it again, calling her “nasty” in his inimitable low grade schoolyard fashion. Clearly criticism from anybody that he views as the “other”, or any female for that matter, is enough to cause the so-called leader of the free world into a raging, raving bull, with no pretense of self-control.

And it is noteworthy that in the midst of yet another Trump golfing controversy, news sources reported that in his two and one half years as president, Trump has spent 227 days at Trump-owned golf clubs. The cost of this indulgence to taxpayers is estimated to be $100 million.

And it should also be noted that when Trump stays at one of his properties, Secret Service and presidential staff personnel also have to stay at the facility. The cost of this accompaniment is part of the previously stated $100 million figure and that money is paid to the Trump Organization which is owned by…………Donald J. Trump.

So not only is Trump’s extensive and indulgent lounging and lurching around his golf clubs a pretty obvious dereliction of his presumed presidential duties, his is also getting the American taxpayer to pay for it and…………the money to pay for these costs goes into Trump’s pockets. This is known as stealing in broad daylight.

Of course, the World According to Trump this all makes perfect sense given the “sacrifices”, both monetary and personal, that he is making by gracing the American presidency with his awesome presence. So, in Trump World, we should be glad to be getting such a bargain.

The worst part about all of this is that Trump is doing all of this in plain sight, without the slightest concern for propriety or decency. He should be ashamed, but he is not. The American people should be ashamed that this is just another Trump story, and we all know that by the end of this week there will be more.

And that is truly the worst part of all of this.




One thought on “A Brief Tour of Trump World

  1. BhamBro says:

    I certainly understand your frustration with President Trump’s, unconventional approach to his Presidency however it’s hard to ignore that thus far he has not been formally charged with a crime.

    To my knowledge which is limited, playing golf and staying at his hotels, which is nothing more than a man enjoying the fruits of his labor. We could debate the optics of this but I would not want anyone to dictate how I vacation; especially since the President’s work hours/workload or vacation are not quantified by statue.

    President Trump is obviously a man who regardless of traditional practices does and says whatever he feels; for me, even though I don’t agree with most of the things he says and does, is not only refreshing but interesting. It’s fascinating to me that we see President Trump as this corrupt entity that must be counteracted but are blind to this corrupt system that produces him .. President Trump is just another cog in the white supremacy machine; our focus should be on dismantling white supremacy ..

    As far as being deplorable or corrupt I don’t think President Trump has a monopoly on bad behavior ..

    Never forget that President Obama ordered the drone strike that killed two American citizens Al-Awalaki and his son without a trial in absentia . Now unless somewhere in “The Patriot Act”, it states that certain Americans are not entitled to “due process”, these killings were illegal .


    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdulrahman_ al-Awlaki

    The point of all this dribble is simple .. America will never make sense until we all play by the same rules .. (which of course will never happen)

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