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A Debate to Remember

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Trump promised to be a debate to remember. If only because the contrast in persona and personalities was so stark. What would happen once they both shared a stage at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland was certainly difficult to predict.

Here’s what we learned in real time.

  • The introduction of the Trump and Biden families offered an immediate contrast, with Ivanka and Tiffany strutting in designer clothes and Jill Biden and her daughter coming in a more modest presentation. And then, after everyone was seated Melania strutted in and the Trump family rose…here we go.
  • Trump begins in attack dog mode – bullying, interrupting and breaking all of the rule that had been agreed to….
  • If this were a boxing match Biden begins on the ropes taking haymakers and trying to laugh off Trump……………. not working
  • The early take away is that Trump is doing a bull in a china shop routine – clearly he is the King of Chaos
  • By the 30-minute mark Trump is starting to lose steam and waver and melt a bit
  • Nevertheless, Trump is proving that bullying can work if you keep on bullying
  • And now…. here comes the Trump Tax Question and Trump duck and dodges and absolutely does not answer
  • And, by the way, Chris Wallace is the worst moderator in the history of presidential debates…if he were a referee in a boxing match Trump would be dead
  • Now it is 43 minutes to go – no minds are being changed but Biden supporters are confirmed in their choice
  • 32 minutes to go and I am already dreading the next debate
  • And now…here we go – Trump is criticizing critical race theory as not being American – one can only hope that he will keep talking
  • It is now confirmed…Chris Wallace is the horrible…the absolute worse moderator in the history of moderators
  • Biden is speaking about his soldier son Beau and commenting on Trump’s “loser, sucker” references to soldiers and Trump flip to Hunter Biden. Not a good look for Trump…not that he cares.
  • Once more, Chris Wallace may be the worst moderator in modern history. From tonight on the standard will be “at least he isn’t as bad as Chris Wallace”.
  • 8 minutes to go and I think that I can make it if I think happy thoughts
  • 6 minutes to go and Biden is running out of gas
  • Good closing by Biden and Trump’s last rant helps Biden.

9 thoughts on “A Debate to Remember

  1. Felipe says:

    Unfortunately they are both so very ill prepared to lead and to help revitalize our country. As Stevie said in one of his songs…”heaven help us ALL”.

  2. Lee A. Daniels says:

    Did I expect the debate to change any minds? Yes, actually I did. But only at the margins of more White Republican-leaning women and a few men for whom the debate gave a full look at how awful this bully-boy is. Trump brought back the memories of the 2016 debates with HRC, showing in an uninterrupted sense how narcissistically empty and undignified (!) he is. Yes, there were times when I wanted JB to go bare-knuckles. But none of us in this forum are close to being “like” the mass of voters—the “not Trump’s Mob;” and I think part of the DP strategy was for Biden to stay on point, pick his spots to punch back, and let Trump remind people how crude and incompetent and full-bore racist and criminal he is. The pandemic and the “tax returns,” whose storylines are going to get worse from now on will do nothing but help Biden and hurt Trump. …… And yes, Wallace came off terribly—but that was because Trump was in full bully mode. So, I’m sure someone will propose that from now on the Moderator have the ability to cut off the mic of either if they blatantly disregard the rules!!!

  3. Carlyle G. Leach says:

    An alternative title: “How Low Can You Go?”

    I squirmed as I watched, Wallace, and fantasized how Bernie or Elizabeth Warren would have parried tRump’s BS so much better. When tRump started talking about Biden’s sons, my son and I in our New Yawk way urged Joe to play the mf-in dozens!

    Sad, sorry spectacle.


    Galaxy S

  4. Debra Wells says:

    In response to DT’s attack on JB’s sons, i wanted JB to point out that DT appointed his immediate family to Capital Hill positions in his administration at the expense of taxpayers. How many millions have they made and what work have they accomplished. No Persident has ever inplemented such brazen nepotism! It would not have been tolerated, especially if Obama had!

  5. Dwight M. says:

    Entertaining commentary. The debate confirmed the character flaws of Trump – his historical ignorance and lack analysis on race and everythng else. Whites should be embarassed to have him as their President.

  6. Paula Rice says:

    I didn’t watch the debate and refuse to watch the next two unless there’s a fact checker or at least a more forceful moderator to ensure a level of decency and professionalism. I knew it would be a waste of time to view (in the words of Roland Martin) an ignorant, shameful, disrespectful, rude, trifling, sadistic, bully in a presidential debate…..

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