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The Night of the Election, the Morning After and After That

November 4, 2020

9,580,00-234,000 (number of confirmed COVID-19 cases – the number of dead Americans at the beginning of the day

Last night blended into today and now it is literally a blur. In the entire history of the United States the greatest number of Americans voted. And as a result, it has resulted in a merger of madness and purpose and blind ambition – here’s what has happened last night and this morning in real time –

  • 9.15 – Literally could not watch until after 9pm
  • 9.21 – Biden wins Colorado, Trump wins Florida. Biden wins New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – no surprise there. In addition to Florida Trump wins South Dakota and West Virginia……no surprise there either
  • 9.36 – Alternating between packing a Go Bag and looking forward to transition but….it is too early to call. But after all is said and done Jaime Harrison is toast in South Carolina – after all, South Carolina is the home of Fort Sumter – 2 Black senators – no way!
  • 10.01 – Hickenlooper wins in Colorado. Trump still leading in Wisconsin. Trump is slaying Biden in Virginia and when did Pennsylvania became so important?
  • 10.15 – Reminding myself to remember the millions of mail-in ballots and what about those 100 million early votes?
  • 10.40 – Trump still leading in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – find myself praying for the early/mail in ballots
  • 11.02 – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania trending towards Trump – this is what the apocalypse looks like in real time without special effects but with t.v. commentary
  • 11.47 – Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse Biden surges in Virginia and in the national vote
  • 11.52 – Biden gets Virginia and is closing fast in Arizona…. keeping hope alive. This is what madness looks like without the special effects
  • 12.13 – Trump picks up Utah and Indiana – Biden gets Minnesota – it’s going to be a bumpy ride
  • 5.45 – Awoke from a dreamless sleep to a waking nightmare. Trump has declared victory even though no one else, including the networks have. Biden has the Electoral College lead – many millions of votes still to be counted
  • 6.35 – The words of the day – Wait and See!

November 7, 2020

Fittingly, the news that all credible news sources and networks declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election was announced close to noon. People all over the world – literally – celebrating. Church bells rang in Paris, fireworks in London, and madcrazy celebrations in every major American city, from Atlanta to Los Angeles to New York. The only thing missing was a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square.

In the midst of the jubilation it almost felt wrong to mention that there are over sixty million Americans who, after four years of seeing this man almost every day, think that he should still be president. It is also useful to remember that Democrats have not taken the Senate and have actually lost seats in the House of Representative. The vaunted Blue Wave barely made it to sure.

In what could only be described as True Trump, Trump refused to acknowledge defeat and went golfing – without a mask, of course, And before the day had ended he started spreading and spewing lies and falsehoods regarding nonexistent voter fraud. Clearly he will not go quietly.

And what should be clear is that Trump will no longer be President on January 21st, but he is not going away. Like Jason in the Halloween movies, he is not going away


6 thoughts on “The Night of the Election, the Morning After and After That

  1. Jim Ruxin says:

    Many of Trump’s supporters will crawl back under the rocks they had been hiding under for decades. And many have tasted how sweet is the taste of hatred and vindictiveness openly expressed with immunity and lavished by too much attention.
    This will be an enduring stain, as long as the scars Trump will have left on the environment, our public health, our civil debate, our language and our sense of decency.
    We must heal as well as commit to the notion, “Never Again!” It will take generosity and some forgiveness, but that should not impede our determination to create a better society dedicated to just laws and human rights,

  2. wbarnard says:

    A house divided cannot stand. It does not matter who won, America is doomed. However, there are those who are ‘arranging chairs on the Titanic’. Go in peace, my brother.
    Wes Barnard aka Yosef 
    “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretence. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” 

  3. Deborah Spearman says:

    Beautifully written. However, I’m left with sadness and despair. With all the hate remaining in the Senate and House of Representatives, it’s hard to be optimistic about how much change is really going to happen. All I can do is continue to pray.
    Thank you!

  4. Chinyere Egbe says:

    Yes! My friend, you can pray. Pray all you can, because what is happening in the USA today is dangerous and scary. No time in the annals of the USA has any candidate spoken openly or even expressed reluctance to accept defeat. From the election in 2016, Donald Trump would not commit to accepting the results of the election if he did not win. It was at that point that Americans should have repudiated him. Trump was denounced by his Republican Party and he bulldozed his way to the nomination. During the current election, Trump, once more, declined that he would accept defeat if he did not win. He declined to denounce the KKK, the Proud Boys, and Q-Annon. And, to the surprise of all in the USA and in the world, Trump won an election in America. His victory made him bold and he assaulted, ridiculed, and derided anyone that talked back to him or questioned him, or even disagreed with him. Trump derided senators – All he did not do was, like Caligula, go to their dinner tables and take their wives openly to be raped. He derided the servicemen that put their lives on the line for America and actually said that soldiers who died for America were suckers.

    So many Americans on both sides turned out to vote for two reasons. The mail-in ballot made it easier to have a large turnout. Secondly and, probably more important, was that American voters were fired up by the ideological passion on both sides. Nothing wrong with that. The majority of Americans are registered democrats. Considering Trump’s four years of abuse, insults, ideological extremism, and derisions, many democrats who might have stayed home decided to come out and vote. Trump, like many a tyrant, was aware of the possibilities and strongly opposed the mail-in voting plan and began actively to sabotage the Post Office. Trump also began to complain that the only way he could lose would be if the election was rigged. This was an advanced set up for the possibility. Who is Trump to predict that American would support him, willy nilly? Trump also set up the scenario of today by urging his constituencies not to vote by mail, which they did. Statistically speaking, what happened was a self-selection process where the majority of the mail-in ballots would be democrats.

    The Republican leaders who are silent and those that support Trump’s rejection of the election are treacherous to the highest level. They have betrayed America. They will leave a stain on the great legacy of the USA that will last for decades. America can never again step up boldly and send observers to the election activities of Third World countries. The world is watching. Some people say that these Republican senators are worried about their funding for re-election. I do not think so. They are being treacherous. We are in danger of street violence and thugs like what happens in elections in Africa, South and Central America, East Europe, and parts of southeast Asia. It’s an embarrassment. Trump is not going to leave quietly. I am afraid for America. I can hope and pray that Americans are able to send a clear and effective message to Trump to please leave and respect the will of the people.

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