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Slipping into Darkness

Slipping into Darkness

There is really nothing new about this not so new mouth breather named Marjorie Taylor Green. The newly elected member of Congress from Georgia is clearly a QAnon acolyte who is so used to visiting the slimy sewers of conspiracy theories and racist tropes that she slithers even when she is walking.

In the modern era we have seen the likes of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin do deep dives into the sewage of the white American psyche, and there is no reason to believe that there won’t be any number of Marjorie wannabes popping all over the national landscape like some kind of malignant weed that simply will not be denied and will not go away.

Some of the madness that emanates from this woman include:

  • Claiming that last year’s California wildfires were started by a Jewish space laser in order to clear land for a high speed rail line.
  • The mass shooting murders at Sandy Hook, Parkland and Las Vegas were either fake or orchestrated by the Deep State in order to promote the banning of firearms
  • Supporting the assassination of Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats
  • The Deep State has many high level Democrats who either eat or sexually molest kidnapped children (or both) and are plotting to take over the world

This sounds like the ravings of a villain in a Batman movie, but there are millions (millions???) of Americans who believe everything just noted and so much more. And the question must be asked – is Marjorie Taylor Green just an aberration or is she a living, breathing forecast of a super storm of fascism and racism and nihilism that is infecting the country at COVID-19 rates?

It is a fair question to ask because however odious Ms. Green may be, it is impossible to believe that she is an aberration. And if she is a forecast of things to come, it would seem that no appeals for unity and understanding can penetrate the force field of unspeakable madness and disarray that she represents.

And if no appeals for unity and understanding will work – then what? Will it finally be time to treat white domestic terrorists and their enablers like the clear and present danger that they are – which means using law enforcement and military assets in the same fashion that they were deployed against the national Muslim community after 9/11 and against supposed Black militants in the 1960’s.

Unless the force field of presumed immunity surrounding white supremacists is removed – completely – this uniquely American cancer will metastasize and kill this nation from the inside – because that’s what cancer does.

There will be some hard choices that have to be made. There are hard choices that must be made.


5 thoughts on “Slipping into Darkness

  1. Michael S Thomas says:

    A very certain clear and present danger. It must be confronted by those who claim to be in power in this nation of ours, “good white people”. Otherwise, all my be lost of this so called, “grand experiment”.

  2. wbarnard says:

    One could say America was born in ‘darkness’. The White Europeans came to these shores and were welcomed. They were even taught how to survive here. Their kindness and hospitality was rewarded with attempted genocide and reservations/open air prisons. These same White Europeans enslaved almost a million Black Jews, destroyed their identities, their language, their holy days, their history.  Indeed, these same White Europeans now apply prophecies of The Most High directed to our ancestors, the Israelites, to themselves. The height of hypocrisy!! Now, we have served our foretold 400-years of ‘affliction’. (Gen15:13, 14) Their domination of the earth has come to it’s end. Their world of ‘darkness’ is not in slow-motion collapse, but unnoticed by most. A ‘new world’ of hope and promise is emerging on the world scene, but alas, few can ‘see’ it. So, let the wicked by wicked still and the righteous be righteous still. Shalom, my brother.

    Wes Barnard aka Yosef 

    “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretence. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” 


  3. Frederick Wiley says:

    Stimulating read. Makes somethings crystal clear, such as…why there’s so much anger, and resentment focused against democracy, against change, against Justice. Thank you.

  4. Lee A. Daniels says:

    You’ve asked and answered the right question about this new phase of the as-yet never-ending Civil War that began in 1776-1787. The MTGs — and the Trumps — of the US will have to be suppressed by nonviolent and violent means — the January 6 insurrection made it clear the necessity of including the latter in the mix of the solution. … What it also made clear is what was always true: the white-supremacist war against Black Americans was also a war against a whole lot of White Americans (and, of course, other Americans of Color), too.

    • Chinyere Egbe says:

      Unfortunately, the USA is slipping into a dangerous type of racism. For the sake of neutrality I will deemphasize this reference to “whte” this or that. We are slipping into a phase in American political development that defines decline of a famous empire. We should refer to domestic extremism and terrorism instead of “white” this or that. Having said that, it is scary that America is beginning to elect of the likes of Green to congress. Her ideas are less than pedestrian.

      Let’s watch it.

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