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Avoiding Amnesia

There are far too many voices calling for the end of the impeachment proceedings against 45. The thinking (if it can be called that) is that 45 is no longer in office and dredging up the facts of some 30 days ago will only create more division and delay the healing process that this country needs so badly.

This thinking might be worthy of consideration except for the fact that the authors of this fake line of thinking supported and accepted all the hateful, divisive and corrosive actions and rhetoric of 45 during his entire time in office. From Charlottesville to the confederate generals’ statuary controversy to his demonization of the Black Lives Matter movement, 45 has been a walking, talking toxic brew that spilled all over this country. 45 has been the root cause of the division that allowed QAnon and the Proud Boys and their ilk to grow and flourish, finally arriving in full bloom in the Capitol on 1.6.21.

There is no need to pay any attention to these fake calls for unity that are coming days late and many dollars short. And it should be noted that the members of this bogus chorus are almost all Republicans who do not want to go on the record supporting 45 and are also deathly afraid of casting an impeachment vote against 45 – who has already threatened “accountability” for those who dare to vote against him.

So it is left to the Democrats to make sure that this nation simply does not forget, much less forgive, what 45 did. It is important for history books tell the story right – that for at least two months before the election, as national polls became more bleak and predictive of his defeat, 45 started promoting the lie that the only way he could lose would be due to voter fraud. So, on 11.7.20 when it was confirmed that he had lost, 45 started promoting The Big Lie.

The Big Lie being that he had won the election overwhelmingly – even though he lost by 8 million votes – and that voter fraud, particularly in cities and states with large Black populations, was the reason for Joe Biden’s presumed (but actually fake) victory. And then 45 promoted The Big Lie every day, virtually ignoring the thousands of Americans who were falling ill and dying from the pandemic.

The Big Lie morphed into something even more pernicious when 45 started calling for the denizens of MAGA nation to come to Washington on 1.6.21. And it should be noted that was not a casual selection of a day – 45 knew that this was the day that the Electoral College vote would be confirmed by Congress. And in his fevered, damaged brain, 45 thought that he could bring a mob to D.C. to intimidate Congress to salvage his waning presidency.

The whole world – even the cowardly Republicans in Congress – know what happened next. 45 and his son and others whipped the mob into a frenzy and set that mob on its mission of disruption headed straight for Congress. The death and destruction that ensued is the bastard child of 45 and Congress should confirm his paternity of this horror for all time.

It is clear that 45 is going to be a presence – a fading presence, but a presence nevertheless. It is important that he be stripped of any legitimacy, if not by Congress, then by the people. And that means avoiding amnesia.

Anytime and every time that 45 speaks for the rest of his life he should be remembered as the President Who Attacked America.

Amnesia must be avoided at all costs to make sure that no would be tyrant tries to imitate 45 – after all the next imitator might succeed.


3 thoughts on “Avoiding Amnesia

  1. Michael S Thomas says:

    There is much to remember at this moment! We must also remember all those past moments that the privileged class would rather move on from. We can forgive when it’s earned and appropriate but we can’t ever forget as long as “the system” is lined up against the disadvantaged.

  2. Chinyere Egbe says:

    I have an issue with all of this. I am suspecting that the politicians are just covering each other’s back by playing games with the process. First, of all, it did not make sense for Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker, to ask that Mike Pence, the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment. Just buying time. The 25th was not meant for situations such as Trump’s. The 25th might have worked when Reagan was shot in 1981 and if he was in a comma and expected to last 15 or more days. In the Trump situation, it would have been difficult to demonstrate that Trump was incapacitated. What would you say. That he lost the mental capacity to think and be President? You would need obvious mental disorder to prove that. I think the Speaker was just passing the buck by trying to invoke 25th.
    In the first place, specifics of the evidence are being lost in these impeachment moves. To begin with, Trump committed several impeachment offenses including putting pressure on a governor and a secretary of state to find enough votes to make him win in that state. I am wondering why this action is not another article of impeachment that should have been added to the incitement of insurrection against the state. At the end of the day, the present impeachment is just a show. The Republicans will dismiss the case as unconstitutional, especially given the fact that the judiciary system has not been invited to rule on the matter of constitutionality.
    I believe that censure with penalties as provided in the 14th Amendment would have achieved the same effect and would have required only a simple majority. Trump has violated the 14th Amendment. Why not take this simpler approach.

  3. Lee A. Daniels says:

    Fortunately, we are not living in any of the decades before the 1960s, when racial amnesia was ever so easily adopted. “45” has been in the historical record irrevocably stained and disgraced—and we’re just beginning Day 2 of the Impreachment 2.0 Trial! There will be no amnesia—not with the country now being comprised of considerable numbers of “uppity” folks of all kinds, not with the media array that exists, and not with the conservative civil war that is already, with Trump’s hovering presence, tearing the Republican Party apart. Yes, we leftists, progressives, liberals are in a war—a real one, not a metaphorical one. But then, we always have been. What’s new is the break out of another facet of Trump’s legacy: the war on the right for supremacy.

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