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Message to Tim Scott – Its Only Make Believe Until You Believe

Yesterday two members of the Republican Party demonstrated that the members of this cult (it is no longer a true political party) are comfortable swimming in the deepest cesspools of white supremacy and systemic racism any time and all the time.

Exhibit A is a nonentity from Louisiana, State Representative Ray Garofalo, who began to whine about how badly white America is being portrayed in more truthful and historically accurate educational books being used or considered by school systems in his state. When whining was not enough he started to argue about the need for “balance” and then he said:

“If you are having a discussion on whatever the case may be, on slavery, then you can talk about everything dealing with slavery: the good, the bad, the ugly,”

Being able to recount anything “good about slavery” Representative Garofalo attempted to moonwalk away from the sheer, arrogant stupidity of his statement. But words do matter and his words revealed a not surprising ignorance and insensitivity to the criminal aspects of the history of the treatment of Black Americans by white Americans and how – even in the third decade of the 21st century – there are just too many white Americans who just don’t care.

Like the soon to be forgotten State Representative Ray Garofolo of Louisiana.

Not to be outdone, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, was chosen to provide the Republican response to President Biden’s message to the Joint Session of Congress. It was to be expected that Senator Scott was not going to become a cheerleader for President Biden and the Democrats, but for him to say that Democrats are trying “to tear us apart” and that little white boys and girls are being taught that they are “the oppressors” was more than ridiculous, it was, given America’s history of systemic racism and its foundational history of white supremacy, obscene.

But it turned out that Brother Scott was just getting warmed up. For a Black man from South Carolina to stand before a national audience and proclaim that “America is not a racist country” ranks right up there with the old saying about “don’t believe your lying eyes”. Tim Scott knows, must know, that this isn’t true. After all, he lives in the state where a young white man named Dylan Roof shot and killed nine Black Americans while they were praying with him, and when he was apprehended by the police there was no gunfire and the police bought him a hamburger.

Meanwhile, last week white police officers in Elizabeth City, North Carolina – just up the road from Senator Scott’s home state – shot and killed an unarmed Black man by the name of Andrew Brown, Jr.  – while in the process of serving a summons (not an arrest warrant) for a nonviolent crime.

In America the racial disparities to be found in healthcare, education, employment, law enforcement and housing are seriously documented and undeniable – no matter what Senator Scott says. And when the President of the United States publicly announces an agenda to end systemic racism in America it is only a good start if people like Senator Scott and his fellow Republicans continue to believe that there is no systemic racism that needs to end.

To correctly state that systemic racism is part of the American sociopolitical fabric and that therefore America is a racist country, is not to say that every white American is a racist.

Because every white American has a choice and Senator Tim Scott and the Republicans are not helping white Americans make the right choice by continuing to reside in the Great State of Denial.


20 thoughts on “Message to Tim Scott – Its Only Make Believe Until You Believe

  1. Robert (Bob) Stebbings says:

    Wallace. Keep it up. As you know, I am a white dude who agrees with you 100 percent and has tried to help by participating in the struggle and doing the right thing.

  2. Lee A. Daniels says:

    That Tim Scott was a “Tom”
    was evident from the moment he surfaced as the superficially respectable “Black Conservative” for the Republican “Cult” to use to cover its increasingly naked—and desperate—white-supremacist ideology. So naturally in that sense, yesterday would bring us the juxtaposition of the GOP’s overtly crude racist expression with what they think is its cloaked dog-whistling by their white-collar errand boy—their “Mr. woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.”

  3. George C. Fraser says:

    As always Wallace…brilliant…the truth will set you free, but it will make you miserable first, warmest, George

  4. Nydia Ocasio-Gouraige says:

    It’s a shame and exasperating that in addition to having to daily deal with the myriad iterations of systemic racism we also have to contend with the Tim Scotts of the world…

  5. Merrye Schindler says:

    I watched President Biden’s address with rapt attention to creating a functional economic, sociological and educational level playing field to replace the systemic racism built up over Four Hundred years in this country. I felt hope and pride. I then watched about 1 1/2 minutes of Tim Scott’s address before I turned off the TV in disgust. I cannot tell if Scott really believes his own words or he is simply using them to garner political power. Either way, he is not credible—
    Or, otherwise stated, he is a damn fool and should feel terribly embarrassed on the national stage!

  6. Ras Omeil says:

    Excellent Reading Hon Dr. Ford.

    Can below quote be solution to race in America/World?

    “All human Beings are birth Free and equal with dignity and Rights.
    They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood”
    UHRD Article 1

    1. Eliminate Race
    2. Eliminate Black
    3. Eliminate White

    Has gender been eliminated in these United States?

  7. Paula J Rice says:

    Poor Uncle Tim. Uncle Tim suffers from internalized racism,….self hate. His self image and self esteem is so flawed he has to identify with white supremacy to ease the pain. It’s sad.

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