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It seems that it may be time to start connecting the dots regarding the promotion of the Big Lie. For example, John Eastman was one of the key Trump attorneys focused on making the Big Lie legitimate through a tortured set of legal arguments that failed in over sixty court decisions. John Eastman was a law clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Ginni Thomas, a key influencer in the proto-conservative movement, was also a key figure in the Trump Big Lie movement and it appears that she was also an enthusiastic advocate of the January 6th insurrection. Ginni Thomas is also the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.

When the Supreme Court finally had an opportunity to make a definitive decision on the Big Lie cases, it ruled against the Big Lie by a vote of 8-1.

The one dissenting vote was Justice Clarence Thomas.

When even right wing of the right wing justices like Gorsuch, Barrett, Kavanagh and Alito could not hold their noses long enough to confirm the Big Lie, Justice Clarence Thomas clearly savored the smell of the dumpster fire that would accompany the imminent collapse of the American democracy.

And while democracy in America is possessed of multiple flaws, it is a good bet that it is better than anything that Justice and Mrs. Clarence and Ginni Thomas might envision.

And anyone who thinks that it can’t get any worse is just not paying attention.