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A Chance to Do the Right Thing

If history books are being written fifty years from now – not a guaranteed expectation if current events in America are to be any kind of a guide – the name of Cassidy Hutchinson may end up being remembered along with the names of Robert Welch and John Dean.

We might remember that Robert Welch was the Special Counsel to the U.S. Army during the so called “McCarthy Hearings” in 1954 which were meant to uncover nonexistent communists infesting the American government.

Welch became the first person to confront McCarthy by saying, “Have you no sense of decency” after McCarthy attacked a member of Welch’s firm implying that he was a homosexual.

That moment in American history should be remember because that was when the bully named McCarthy was revealed for the venomous buffoon that he had always been.

And within a few years McCarthy was dead and all but forgotten.

Nineteen years later the White House Counsel, John Dean testified during the 1973 Watergate scandal. He told the truth about Richard Nixon’s role in using the federal government to attack his political enemies and within a year the entire Nixon Administration crashed and burned, ending in Nixon resigning in disgrace and becoming a textbook illustration of what not to do as President of the United States.

And now, 49 years later a 26-year-old Republican true believer by the name of Cassidy Hutchinson recounted to the January 6th Committee the utter depravity and recklessness of Donald Trump and his whole cast of enablers. Working as the Special Assistant to Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, she had a front row seat to the entire debacle that culminated in the attempted coup of the United States government.

Ms. Hutchinson certainly entered the Trump White House knowing him to be anathema to most things in which she believed, but working in the White House satisfied both her ambition and, in her view, an opportunity to serve her nation. And it appears that her desire to serve her nation outweighed her ambition.

She is already the recipient of threats and, of course, a torrent of lies and insults from one Donald J. Trump. But it doesn’t matter now- the record is clear, Trump attempted a coup which would keep him in office even though he knew that he had lost a free and fair election – straight out of the Autocrats Playbook.

We may not know exactly how the Trauma of Trump will ultimately impact these United States – the prognosis is not encouraging at the moment – but it is good to know that there are men and women like Welch and Dean and Hutchinson who, when given the opportunity, have at least given this nation a chance to do the right thing.

Only time will tell.