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When Zero Plus Zero Plus Zero Equals Sixty

There can be no serious argument regarding the fact that law enforcement and criminal justice have been race-based since colonial times in North America. And some 400 years nothing has changed – and because we know more about more travesties of justice – it has gotten worse.

Consider the following:

  • A young white man by the name of Dylan Roof shot and killed 9 Black worshippers in church in which he had been welcomed. He evaded the police for several hours and when he was captured not a single shot was fired by any law enforcement officer.
  • A white teenager by the name of Kyle Rittenhouse arrived at a Black Lives Matter demonstration and shot and killed two demonstrators and wounded another. Rittenhouse then surrendered to the police and not a single shot was fired by any law enforcement officer.
  • Another white teenager by the name of Payton Gendron drove 200 miles to a Black community in Buffalo, New York where then shot and killed 10 Black patrons of a supermarket. When the police arrived, he put down his weapon of mass destruction and surrendered peacefully. Not a single shot was fired by any law enforcement officer.
  • A 26-year-old Black man by the name of Jayland Walker was pulled over for a traffic violation by the Akron police. For reasons unknown at this date, Mr. Walker drove away and led the police on a chase for a few miles, got out of his car and began to run. When told by the police to stop running he turned around whereupon the Akron police shot him 60 times and killed him. The police claimed that Mr. Walker turned in a “firing position” although no weapon was found on or near him.

It is not difficult to see a prevailing theme in these stories. Clearly, young white men, even those who are known to have committed horrible crimes are permitted to surrender peacefully without any physical harm whatsoever. A young (or not so young) Black man is subject to a lethal encounter anytime he is stopped by the police. No questions asked.

Such is life in America and the numbers don’t lie – Zero Plus Zero Plus Zero Equals Sixty.

Clearly justice in America is a Black and white affair.

There is nothing more to be said.


6 thoughts on “When Zero Plus Zero Plus Zero Equals Sixty

  1. I was sadly unsurprised to hear that the Highland Park shooter was white–and alive. Even worse is that whenever I hear about one of those shooters being someone with a history of right-wing white supremacist beliefs, and find they survived…I can’t help but think that the cops chose to handle one of “their own” gently.

    • Next.

      Sorry to be cynical. But there will be many more “60s” to come. Unless, of course, real power is claimed and utilized by people of color. I’ve discussed how that can happen in my “Papillon 2030” movement concept at http://www.Papillon2030.org. But who is listening? The talk and action remains the same, follow the same script as has been followed for decades — Declarations of outrage, a few marches, pitiful shouts by clergy to “Pharaoh” to “let my people go.”


      Without a vision, the people perish. Without a plan, one plans to fail. What goes for one, goes for a demographic or community. Without a collective push for real power (of all types) there is little reason to expect substantial change.

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