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Anatomy of an Insurrection

It is rare that a crime, much less an insurrection, is played out literally in broad daylight. But every day that the January 6th Committee airs another hearing on national television, it is clear that all the talk about peaceful protest and freedom of speech is a torn fig leaf revealing a very real attempt to overthrow the government of the United States while shredding the Constitution in the process.

On July 21, 2022, the Committee aired a prime time “Anatomy of an Insurrection”, here are some of the notes from that broadcast, notes that were written in real time:

  • The broadcast begins at 7:30 p.m. The Chairman of the January 6th Committee convenes via Zoom as he has been diagnosed with COVID (coincidentally the 79-year-old President of the United States is also quarantined, point out once more that a government of humans is, by definition, fragile).
  • It has been 561 days since the insurrection – are the hearings about to reach a climax?
  • It is pointed out by the Committee members that on January 6th there were 187 minutes that made history – Trump’s inaction after inviting and inciting the mob then made no effort to stop the death and destruction that ensued.
  • We are told that there will be new witnesses including some witnesses that will be disguised for their own protection.
  • We learn that there was “some discussion” among Cabinet members about invoking the 25th Amendment, thereby removing Trump from office. But, of course, the Cabinet has largely consisted of Trump enablers and after four years there was no way that they were going to stop now.
  • As the progression of the insurrection is revealed the term “Dante’s Rings of Corruption” has many people googling “Dante’s Inferno”.
  • New witnesses, Sarah Matthews and Matthew Pottinger, both of whom worked in the White House, and both of whom resigned immediately after the insurrection. One has to wonder, what took them so long? Was Trump o.k. until then.
  • It was mentioned that during a presidential debate Trump told the Proud Boys, prime movers on January 6th to “stand back and stand by” – notably not telling these well-armed domestic terrorists to “stand down”.
  • Both Matthews and Pottinger stated that they believed the Trump purposely focused the mob on harming Mike Pence.
  • There was further testimony that Trump was adamant about going to the Capitol during the insurrection and had to be dissuaded, ultimately due to the fact that no one would drive him there.
  • During the 187 minutes Trump did not call the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security. In other words, he did nothing while death and destruction roamed the halls of the nation’s capital.
  • It appears that Trump was actually o.k. with the notion of hanging Mike Pence and the mob was focused on killing him.
  • The Pence Secret Service detail was sufficiently concerned about the violence that was focused on him that some of the agents were calling their families wishing them goodbye as they felt that a violent death was imminent.
  • Towards the end there was video of Senator and Insurrection Denier Josh Hawley greeting the mob at the Capitol with a raised fist and then……. a few hours later hotfooting it out the Capitol as the mob roamed the halls looking for everyone and anyone. Hawley is clearly an arsonist who doesn’t know that it’s not a good thing to play with fired.
  • The final takeaway is that testimony revealed that Trump actually believed that his “plan” to seize power might actually work.

And, as you are reading this, millions upon millions of Americans want him to be President again.

If you are not worried about the dangerous trajectory of this nation, then you just not paying attention –

….and its time to pay attention.