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The Republican War Against You

As the midterm elections get closer by the day, it is something of a wonder that there are so many predictions of the Republicans regaining control of both the House and the Senate. Due to the gerrymandering shell games by Republican led state legislatures (Republicans control 30 state legislatures which, of course, is where congressional districts are established) there is a very real possibility that the Republicans will control the House of Representatives featuring some new MAGA believers who will make Marjorie Taylor Green look like Mother Theresa.

The Senate is another story of course. There are 35 senate seats that are up for election, with 14 seats held by Democrats and 21 held by Republicans. Since there is currently a 50-50 split in the Senate every race is critical. And this is where one Senator Rick Scott comes to center stage.

It should be noted that before Rick Scott was elected as a senator from Florida he was elected as governor of that state for two terms. Before that…. he was the chief executive of Columbia/HCA Healthcare, a company that defrauded the federal government out of $1.7 billion in the largest Medicare fraud in American history. As the CEO of this criminal enterprise Rick Scott should just be getting out of wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Instead, Senator Scott is the chairman of the National Republic Senatorial Committee which has as its mission to elect as many Republicans to the Senate. And, as chairman Senator Scott has established a platform for candidates which, among other things, calls for a “sunset” feature for Social Security and Medicare, among other programs.

“Sunset” means that Medicare and Social Security would cease to exist after five years unless these programs are renewed by Congress and the President. Which means that, given the inability of Congress to agree on just about anything, these programs upon which so many millions of Americans rely upon could literally disappear.

Particularly disquieting is the Republican attitude that Social Security is some kind of gift from the government to Americans when Americans pay into Social Security with every pay check during their entire working lives. Treating Social Security as an entitlement program is an insult to every working woman and man in this country in every state – red or blue.

While it makes all the sense in the world for Democrats to shine a bright light on the Republican plans to curtail abortion rights out of existence, it makes no sense to not mention – the attack on Social Security and Medicare- that this is an open declaration of war on all Americans.

It would seem that regardless of party affiliation, there are very few Americans who would knowingly vote to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.

With the November 8th approaching by the minute, it would seem that it is time to make all Americans aware of this Republican declaration of war on America.


3 thoughts on “The Republican War Against You

  1. Toni Ann Jordan says:

    This was very informative thanks, I do read these when I have time. Thanks for sending to me, I do read them when I have time. This one was very informative. Just don’t know what’s going to happen I doubt SSA will stop soon, but it could in many years from now.

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