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Predictions from Negrodamus for 2023

As the New Year approaches I have had the privilege of being given advisories and predictions from a dear friend who will only allow himself to be referred to as “Negrodamus” on these Point of View pages.

And so, with that bit of explanation out of the way, please see the aforementioned predictions for 2023. Readers are advised to save this column and in December 2023 we shall all see how many predictions come true.

  1. George Santos– George Santos will reveal that his father was the love child of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. Presumably his rationale for this revelation is that he will be a more sympathetic personal as he finds himself tangled in an incredible web of lies.
  •  Donald Trump– Never one to cede the spotlight to an amateur liar like George Santos, Donald Trump, while being reduced in stature to that of the other G.O.P. presidential candidates, will copyright and claim sole owner of the names Dopey and Grumpy which he can use interchangeably.
  •  Joe Biden– Citing issues of age and durability for a second term Joe Biden will retire, resulting in Kamala Harris becoming the first Black Woman President of the United States. This is followed by Joe Biden forgetting that he has resigned and then claims to still be the President of the United States resulting in a constitutional crisis of historical proportions.
  • George Santos– With the storm of controversy consuming his every waking moment, George Santos resigns from his seat in the House of Representative and enters a seminary, thereby become the first Jewish Catholic priest since Jesus.
  • LeBron James and Tom Brady– In moves that could only be employed by two GOATS, Tom Brady retires (again) as the quarterback to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After the Los Angeles Lakers finish with the worst record in the NBA, LeBron James retires and signs with Tampa Bay as the new starting quarterback.
  • Marjorie Taylor GreeneIn what can only be described as a match made in heaven, George Santos leaves the priesthood and marries the recently divorced Marjorie Taylor Greene (who is on record as saying that the public should “give George Santos a chance). They then collaborate on a show called “America’s Greatest Liars” which is immediately picked up by NewsMax. They achieve multimillionaire status overnight.

Of course there is no guarantee that any of these predictions will come true (Negrodamus insisted on this disclaimer), but as the new year begins it will be interesting to see the number of times that fiction turns into fact in front of our very eyes.