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Views on Mississippi, DeSantis and Words From Negrodamus

Mississippi Goddamn

Over a half century ago the legendary Nina Simone wrote and sang a song entitled, “Mississippi Goddamn”. The lyrics quite simply exposed the classic characteristics of dysfunction and true horror that are the primary characteristics of the Sunflower State.

And here we are, over fifty years later, Nina Simone’s words still ring true…. consider:

In The Matter of Tasha Shelby

Tasha Shelby was 22 when she was arrested for the death of her stepson – approximately two years of age. She was found guilty, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Twenty years later the prosecution’s doctor changed his testimony stating that the child died from a seizure disorder and changed the death certificate. That should have changed everything. But it didn’t.

In the Mississippi system of justice Tasha Shelby is still in prison. Even the revelation that one of the jury members was revealed to be related to the deceased child did not change matters.

As you are reading this, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has refused to grant Tasha Shelby clemency.

And, in case you might be leaping to conclusions regarding the historic tradition of racism in Mississippi, Tasha Shelby is white.

Mississippi Goddamn in 2023

While Mississippi 36 per cent of the population of Mississippi is Black, Black residents of Mississippi are underrepresented in the state legislature due to demonic gerrymandering on steroids. And somehow, as this has taken place, the United States Justice Department has stood by, as silent as the Sphinx.

The latest result of this grits and corn pone version of apartheid, the Mississippi State Legislature is establishing a justice and police system that will override the existing systems in the majority Black city of Jackson. Incredibly, in 2023 the Black population of a major American city can be disenfranchised – and the sound of silence echoes throughout the land.

Mississippi Goddamn indeed.

DeSantis and Other Bullies

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems to believe that staying in attack mode will get him into the White House. And so, attacking Disney and Black History and transgender men and women makes sense to him. And obviously, enough people who in some leap of imagination that he should be President of the United States.

It will be interesting to see if there are enough people in this country who think that ideological combat is the best way for this country to go forward in the 21st century. The real danger is that with a certain level of non-participation it is possible that a 21st century demagogue could become president of the United States.

And if that is doesn’t seem possible – remember that Donald Trump was president of the United States.

Words from Negrodamus

There is a possibility that George Santos has an identical twin. If that is true the George Santos that lied his way into Congress may not be the George Santos who, in another dimension, lied his way into Baruch College and New York University without leaving a trace of his existence.

This is a strange story with no ending.