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Weekend Edition – April 25, 2014

Cliven Bundy has gone way past his allotted fifteen minutes of fame. The gun-toting, fake patriot thief has now revealed himself to a racist of the most virulent sort. But who is surprised. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is proving itself to be fully intent on rolling back any and every measure that might reverse the effects of American institutional racism – all in the name of liberty. And finally, Donald Trump wants to buy the Buffalo Bills NFL franchise and Buffalo better watch out.

Cliven Bundy – Race Man

One would think that the American people would have enough of Cliven Bundy by now. His proclamations of patriotism and liberty mask the very simple fact that he is a thief – stealing federal property for his personal gain and refusing to pay for it.

Nevertheless the Fox News right wing echo chamber has championed Cliven Bundy as a cross between Nathan Hale and Cincinnatus, the legendary Roman citizen soldier. Of course, Mr. Bundy is nothing like a hero unless thievery is your idea of heroism.

But now Cliven Bundy has been opined that “Negroes might be better off as slaves” and Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul and all of his erstwhile supporters have been falling over themselves to get away from this toxic racist.

It would appear that Cliven Bundy’s real mistake in the view of the right wing of the right wing is that he didn’t read the memo which would have instructed him to use terms like “inner city males” and “entitlement class” instead of “Negroes”.

Instead of using the racist dog whistle he used a bugle. Bad Bundy!

Mean in Michigan

Recently a referendum passed in the State of Michigan which prevents state colleges and universities from referencing race in any aspect of affirmative action admissions practices. The Supreme Court has affirmed this measure. And clearly, under the leadership of its Chief Justice John Roberts, it is clearly intent on rolling back, eliminating or eviscerating almost any and every measure designed to reverse the malignant effects of centuries of institutionalized racism in this country.

The notion that the “will of the people” should rule even where it will result in injustice is a bizarre notion that could have disastrous consequences if applied to its extreme. It is a good bet that if various civil rights measures were put to a referendum vote today in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina or any of the states of the Confederacy, black people would be relegated to the back of the bus…………again.

And in the view of the Roberts/Alito/Scalia/Thomas cabal that would be just fine.

The Buffalos Should be Nervous

The Buffalo Bills NFL franchise is for sale and the ultimate weirdly bewigged self-promoter, Donald Trump, has announced that he might be prepared to pay the stated $875 million purchase price by himself.

A note to the people of Buffalo – they might want to remember that this is the same Donald Trump who has danced with the truth so many times that he should consider another career –choreography.

And if Donald Trump buys the Buffalo Bills they should not be surprised if one day they read in the paper that the team has been renamed the Los Angeles Trumps.

Stay strong and be great!