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Weekend Edition – June 28, 2014

Seeming to respond to the Teapublican chicken hawks beating the drums of war, President Obama has announced that he will send $500 million of military aid to Syrian rebels. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, in Mississippi we had the opportunity to watch Teapublicans flip the script with Senator Thad Cochran trying to get black people to vote. And finally, House Speaker John Boehner has announced that he plans to sue President Obama for not upholding the laws of this country. Is this a flimsy and transparent prelude to impeachment?

The Bloody and Slippery Slope

President Obama now wants to inject a half billion dollars of weapons and military assistance into the churning and bloody swamp of sectarian violence known as Syria. He has stated that this aid will go to “moderate” rebels, whatever that is supposed to mean.

This is a movie that we have seen before. Then it was called assistance to the “freedom loving people” of Afghanistan who turned out to be the Taliban, al Qaeda and………..Osama bin Laden.

There are several outcomes and none of them good. The “moderate” rebels may turn out to be not so “moderate” and use their gift of weapons against Americans and American interests the next time some yahoo minister in America burns a Koran.

The “moderate” rebels may turn out to be stand-ins for al Qaeda and ISIS and the gift of arms will go directly to sworn enemies of the United States.

Or, the “moderate” rebels may turn out to be not such great fighters and will simply surrender their weapons or lose them in battle – weapons that will then be used against the United States.

Or, the targets of the “moderate” rebels will decide to attack the United States soldiers, personnel and interests wherever they can find them.

This move by the President seems to be a sign that the pressure from the Teapublican chicken hawks is finally getting to him, and that he feels it is necessary to “do something” in Syria. But this is wrong in conception, wrong in execution and fraught with fatal circumstances for this country. Senator Obama was elected to do better than this. President Obama was re-elected to do better than this.

Nothing good can possibly come from this move.

Mississippi Scam

Mississippi has always been the place where the dreams of black people go to die. During the horror of American racial slavery, Mississippi and Louisiana were the worst places for black people.

Since Emancipation, black people have been routinely and institutionally terrorized. The history of black people seeking to vote is written with the blood of martyrs.

This past week, the irony of Teapublican Senator Thad Cochran seeking the vote of black Mississippi citizens in order to eke out a primary win was ghastly and instructive. It is ghastly because Senator Cochran is a blatant hypocrite in seeking the vote of the black people of Mississippi. His record indicates absolutely nothing that the black people in Mississippi should support – except that he was slightly less racist than his opponent who accepted campaign donations from the Ku Klux Klan.

The instructive aspect of this horror show is that the black people of Mississippi have more power than they have exercised. With 37% of the registered voters in that misbegotten state being black, there is tremendous potential for change, reformation and progress.

Perhaps Thad Cochran’s chicanery can serve as a wakeup call for the black people of Mississippi.

Sneak Preview

House Speaker John Boehner has determined in his wisdom that he should further waste taxpayer dollars by suing President Obama for not faithfully carrying out the laws of the United States. His real, and thinly veiled, cause of action is that President Obama is not doing what Speaker Boehner and the Teapublicans want him to do.

Even though Barack Obama has won two national elections by significant margins, the Teapublicans will stop at nothing in their efforts to delegitimize this lawfully elected President of the United States.

Is this the prelude to an impeachment strategy in 2015? What do you think?

Stay strong and be great!


One thought on “Weekend Edition – June 28, 2014

  1. Tom Avitabile says:

    Comment on: The Bloody and Slippery Slope

    We need one thing to be able to turn away from the bloodshed in the Middle East. I think I would be in total agreement to “let ‘em kill each other” as much as they want. However, that one thing needed to not get involved would be, to you and your like-minded liberals, even worse than getting into another war… the dreaded – Profiling!

    If we profiled in this country, and not pulled Grandma’s in wheel chairs out of line to search for devices at airports, I’d be for total isolationist policies. But choosing sides in a shooting war, stopping them there from coming over here, is all that’s left once the policy of Profiling has been ruled “Verbotten” by the elite liberals.

    Comment on: Mississippi Scam

    This is a switch. Robo calls and direct mail paid for by mainstream Republicans and disseminated through black churches, enraged Blacks enough to do something they would have never done before (and didn’t do a few weeks earlier in the first election between these two candidates) come out and vote in a Republican primary. The robo calls never mentioned Cochran at all! This was all anti-tea party boulder dash playing to the worst fears of blacks – by Republicans! Manipulation through stereotype is what happened here. When you remove the democrat voters, who will never vote against the democrat candidate, and pull the lever, for Thad Cochran in the general election, from the results, McDaniel won by 8% over the mainstream, Republican career politician. Republican voters rejected politics and business as usual in Washington. They rejected a man who will just keep doing what has always been done. Blacks in Mississippi have done nothing more than insure that nothing will ever change. That these Fat Cats, both Dems and Reps will never be out of our pockets and out of Washington.

    I am afraid that this is the most reprehensible use of the cloak of immunity we bestow on election ethics. Michael Bloomberg, the RNC, Orin Hatch and lots of other scared, entrenched, mostly white, Republicans, (i.e. Peter King) who don’t want to give up their cushy, high profile, hobnob with the rich and famous, lives and congressional perks, spent millions to motivate and manipulate the Blacks of Mississippi into doing the unthinkable; vote for an old guard, good old boy, Republican. In fact, in most of the exit polls and post voting interviews of blacks, many were unsure if Cochran wasn’t the Democrat in the race! Not a victory in any way for Blacks or America. But the stupid press and the Republican Guard are all giddy over the GOP having found a way to get out the Black vote! – how truly sad.

    Comment on: Sneak Preview

    The second article of impeachment of Richard Nixon was that he was thinking about, never actually did, but mused about, wondered about, suggested a thought, that his political enemies should be investigated by the IRS.

    This week Supreme Court ruled that the office of the president acted outside its authority in making recess appointments.

    But the real scary part of the 5/4 decision, and what should worry every American, regardless of political affiliation or none at all is, this very ruling left open a very wide door. That is, that with a compliant congress, the President can flout the existing constitution and, if no one says anything about it, or “strenuously” objects, his violation of the constitution will become a defacto amendment to the supreme law of the land. So, if a Republican gets in and takes Congress with him. And the president decides to reverse some of the tenets of equal protection under the law, and the congress thinks, he’s a nice enough fellow, and decides to not object strenuously, then by the end of his office, it will be as if 75 percent of the states voted for a constitutional amendment to curtail civil rights, or freedom of the press – or you pick it.

    Just short of impeachment, Boehner is “strenuously” objecting to an overreach of a popular president, trying to redefine the lines between the branches of the government in that president’s stated goal to “fundamentally change” America.

    So liberals, who are the “Ins” right now, should not object to “strenuously” to this use of power by congress, to check the abuse of power by the president, because they will be protected when they are the “Outs.”

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