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Today We Are All Asian

Yesterday another member of the Tribe of Armed and Angry White Men decided that it would be a good thing to kill as many Asians as he could find in massage spas in and around Atlanta. He managed to kill eight people, six of whom were Asian. The other two just happened to discover that their Sell By date was yesterday.

In other words, the other two were just collateral damage in the continued hate war being waged by the Tribe of Armed and Angry White Men. And in that war anyone and everyone stands the risk of being collateral damage. In that sense, we are all Asian. Just as we are all Black. We are all LatinX. We are all Muslims. We are all Indigenous people. We are all LGBTQI members. We are all Jews.

Because in hating and targeting all of the above, the Tribe of Armed and Angry White Men doesn’t care who gets in the way. And they certainly don’t care who dies. Yesterday it was six Asian women who committed the capital crime of Being Asian and Working. About a year ago it was Armaud Arberry who committed the capital crime of Jogging While Black in an Atlanta suburb. In August 2019 it was 23 Latinos in El Paso who committed the capital crime of Being Latino in A Public Place. And in 2017 it was Heather Heyer who committed the capital crime of Demonstrating for Justice with Black People in Charlottesville. And in 2018 it was 11 Jews worshiping in a synagogue who committed the capital crime of Being Jews.

Of course the behavior which cost these men and women their lives are only capital crimes in the twisted universe of white supremacist domestic terrorists. These men (and women) have been letting us know who they are for years and the response of the public and law enforcement has been tepid at best. All of the referenced atrocities are considered isolated events and not part of the obvious pattern of white extremist violence which is committed to maintaining white minority rule in this nation, no matter the human or institutional cost.

We saw the savage combination of white supremacy and white privilege on January 6, 2020 when a mob that would have warmed the heart of the Ku Klux Klan in days gone past, stormed the capital – ostensibly to keep 45 as president – but…there were Confederate flags and Nazi paraphernalia present — clear signs that white supremacy was coursing through the veins of these so-called “good people”.

History shows quite clearly how this country responds when it perceives a domestic threat. Look at what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Paul Robeson among thousands of others accused of being part of some Russian conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Look at what happened to the Black Panther Party when its members asserted the constitutional right of Black people to exercise their Second Amendment rights (the irony is apparent). And look what happened to Martin Luther King, Jr. when the Federal Bureau of Investigation considered him to be “the greatest domestic threat” in the country.

A Black man preaching nonviolence in the quest for justice is a domestic threat. A tribe of white supremacist domestic terrorists are considered to be either misunderstood or misguided, but certainly not a national threat.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has stated that he considers domestic terrorism to be a national threat. But he needs to be more specific – it is white supremacist domestic terrorism that is a true national threat. And unless and until this nation confronts this danger from within, every American citizen is in danger of being in the cross hairs of this renegade tribe.

And that is why today we are all Asian.


22 thoughts on “Today We Are All Asian

  1. Lee A. Daniels says:

    Violence is as American as cherry pie … Or was it apple pie? … Or, peach cobbler? And the dynamic of violent impulses locked up in White Americans as a group is at cataclysmic levels. Indeed, it’s bursting out in all sorts of ways … from the crude, cruel rhetoric of the right-wing talk show cretins and GOP officeholders to these bottom-of-the-barrel types who have given up all their humanity.

  2. Ahmed M'Rabet says:

    Couldn’t be more eloquently said, white supremacy feelings, among this waning tribe of same ethnic group, is still very rampant in the country of USA…
    À quand le changement ?!…

  3. Bob Maloney says:

    Wallace…with all that goes on(too much actually) with racial injustice one runs out of words…yours are flat out brilliant!
    Best Wishes

  4. Grace says:

    Thank you for uniting us!
    When we stand together
    our voices are louder
    our wills stronger
    Though our bodies
    are shattered,
    our fists are
    hold tighter
    we will
    give in
    give up

  5. Nydia Ocasio-Gouraige says:

    You’re always on point! Truly appreciate you being our constant conscience and guide. Que Dios te bendiga siempre!

  6. Nydia Ocasio-Gouraige says:

    Truly appreciate your unerring judgement. Thank you for being our constant conscience and guide. Que Dios te bendiga siempre!

  7. Frederick Wiley says:

    Great synopsis of the fifth column (enemy within). Instead of coming from abroad, they are most certainly being bred, protected and nurtured right here, in the goodOle USA. Home grown terrorists, some sitting at the table with civilized people. Holding views, that are fueled by an invisible hatred of civilization and for the most part society. Yes, angry armed white people trying to maintain their status quo, as the seemly invisible, imaginary superior enemy of anyone having melanin in their skin. Thank you Professor Ford for your inspiration, your visions and for sharing our very vivid realities…noticeably, every time you speak. Peace.

  8. Pat Murakami says:

    From someone who proudly became Asian by marriage, thank you for these thought provoking words. They will not be read by enough eyes, let alone taken into enough hearts. #wegohigh #beanupstander

  9. Summya Khatoon says:

    I appreciate your honesty and the way you articulate what it is like it is, which is rare. Prof. Wallace Ford, you’re truly an inspiration. The world needs more Prof. Ford.
    If you ever run for president, you already have my vote, Prof. Ford.

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