21 thoughts on “Be My Guest

  1. Tara says:

    Thank you for revealing the truth regarding the “latest” uninformed campaign in the “dumbing down” of these, the United States of America regarding religous practice, in particular. This is a task that invites us all, to fully realise that we all matter and that the truth conquers the ultimate fear of the wounded….respect for the “other.”

  2. Wally,
    I finally made time to read your Point of View posts. I am pleased to be able to read something that is thoughtful and well reasoned. I commend your willingness to wade into the morass of crap being blown about by, as you describe it, the right wing of the right wing. In my mind, they and their ilk are the tools of the power mongers who continue to profit from the discontent they engender among the hoi polloi to distract us from their ongoing efforts to enrich themselves beyond all reason. I propose the creation of a vigilante head-banger squad that moves among the most vocal hate mongers and renders a blow that stuns them into an opportunity to engage in self examination.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Obama has saved the status quo . However, has the economy healed. I do not think so. The Dow Index fell 168 points yesterday because China is thinking about slowing its economy.

    I used to think like you do.

    Not anymore.

    You need to read extensively and watch the videos on getsmartaboutbanks.com

    On the surface, this site seems to be addressing the foreclosure crisis. But as you listen and read, you will come to understand that our economy and even the government that you know and love is in peril right now and has been for some time.

    The foreclosure crisis gives us a window into an underworld that has raped every American household, whether we are behind on our payments, underwater on our house, unemployed or just wondering why gas and bread costs 20% more than last year.

    We are being squeezed to death.

    And it’s deliberate.

  4. Bob Pinderhughes says:

    Mr. Ford-

    Our paths crossed years ago when our desire and search for relevant knowledge seemed often to be a discourse on the absurd. Consider this a standing ovation. You have accumulated an impressive arsenal of letters and while I almost always have “amen” moments as I read your works, I am concurrently mired in the realization that I am in the choir and we are far too small and sing too softly. Thank you for the motivation.

  5. Sean A. Holman says:

    Mr. Ford, you have proven again that brilliance is not a Republican trait. I am glad I did not waste money attending the same universities as those Republicans named earlier in your article. Thank God for yourself and Barack Obama, proof that it is not necessarily a fault with our educational system!!

  6. I have read thru your blog and each edition has made me smle, even bought out laughter in some cases! You remind me of Cornel West in so many ways that, it’s not even funny! Keep up the good work! The internet needs more free thinking folks like you to shed a light in the darkness of the world surrounded by Plutocrats and pundants!

    Thanks for shining a light! I cannot wait to read the next installment!

  7. I have finally had some time to sit down and read thru your blog, and I am very impressed. A few comments made me laugh, while others made me feel sad when faced with the truth of your satements as they relate to the state of things that we find ourselves in to date!

    We need more brilliant African-American men like yourself to help us, to feed us,and yes, to arm us against he plutocrats and pundants in the arena called “Politics” that we face today.

    Keep up the good work and I will keep reading! Cannot wait for the next installment.

  8. Sue says:

    Re: “The National Rifle Association has the United States Congress in a stranglehold, forcing it to adhere to its warped interpretation of the second amendment to the Constitution.”

    My thought about the stranglehold is not by the NRA on the US Congress, but rather one that members of US Congress allows, because they sell out, enable and sanction the violence which has become the culture of this country. Who do they represent? Certainly not their constituents or friends and families of those who have lost loved ones to the easily attainable fire arms that proliferate every community.

    Americans are sleeping at the wheel while our “leaders” are self-serving. I hope that we wake up and reward our politicos with their deserved self-sabotage in November. Americans get the government they deserve.

  9. Peter says:

    I hope you wll address the anti-semitic slurs of the President of Egypt and the slurs of nominee Hagel. As a former analyst in the Civil Rights Division of ADL the Hagel remarks painfully dredge up the Czarist forgery called the Protocols used by Jew haters and the dual loyalty canard as well. I can only wonder why the President has given Morsi and Hagel a pass. And I volunteered for two months for the reelection of the President. Deeply saddened by the remarks and passes.

  10. Nydia says:


    As usual your point of view is on target and fearlessly takes on white and black stupidity. However, you may not be aware that some in your audience (like the many people I forward Point of View to) consist of a wide array of people from all socio-economic stratas. So when you use an acronym like “SCOTUS VRA” and don’t explain that it stands for the Supreme Court of the US Voting Rights Act it makes it hard for some who are not as well informed as you to fully understand what you’re saying. You should know that your column is not just for the “choir” but is also a powerful learning tool (at least the way I use it). Thank you for your commitment to the struggle! Nydia

  11. Yasmin says:

    You know what Wallace, I felt the same way, but then I began to really think about it and it came to me: what if that was Mr. Obama’s plan all along. Come one, this man voted against the Iraq war and the only way to convince Russia and Assad that he was serious was to put his reputation on the line by appearing to advocate war. Knowing how successful he was with Bin Laden and other military exploits, it would not be hard for the opposition to believe that he would make good on a threat to bomb the opposition and remove Assad’s party from power. Now, I am starting to believe that this was the plan all along.

  12. Jimmy Kirk says:

    NO they are not terrorists. They are the same people that have been around for far too long!!! You’ve seen them many times in different positions of power & influence. The same people that have caused misery & pain since the beginning of time. They are a CANCER & should be treated as such. If left to “live & thrive” the body (country) dies. How would you treat a cancer if you had it? Would you just live with it like a good friend. In the case of the Tea Party it is interesting how well minorities with federal positions are represented. Toms & Coons are forever — minorities do not have a monopoly although we may have a design patent. And in speaking of the long term, one needed to look at the history of the decline of empires — the USA is the latest empire. All the others — well CANCER got ’em.

  13. Attorney H. Nasif Mahmoud, International Lawyer says:

    From Dubai, UAE

    As I continue to read your “Point of View” (no matter where I am in the world) I am always comforted and reassured by the straightforward, take no prisoners approach which you use in eviscerating the villains. You also provide words of encouragement for uplifting and identifying their many victims. I have grown weary of the teapublicans schemes, shenanigans, and skullduggery. I have grown weary of the Islamophobia, and plots by AIPAC and the Zionists to usher in Armageddon. I am weary of the greed of the 1% and unfortunately the ignorance of the 95%. I have grown weary of the unreasonable Obama bashing by the racists. They complain as if he was not a big disappointment to his most loyal constituency. He has not delivered. He could not open the treasury and “dole out duckats” to urban hordes (buzz word intended) even if he wanted to do it. That constituency voted for him at a higher rate that any other. He could not do it, (even if he wanted to) because the treasury was broke. It had already been raided (during the Bush administration) by the teapublican investment banks, hedge funds, broker dealers and stock market robber barons, like Goldman Sachs. Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch and some big banks failed, but the really big ones were bailed out. They were “too big . . . to be allowed . . . to fail”. Afterwards when they were on their feet they basically told the government to kiss the mistletoe at back hem of their coats. The government regulators just stand by and watch as if they were there just to check in with the thieves to see if they were still healthy. Senator Warren has it right. The banks and the regulators are at fault. The economy will be the down fall of America, because global military bases and decades of wars all over the world can not be supported indefinitely by a country whose industrial leaders send money and jobs overseas and pay wages below subsistence in the USA. I am weary of it all and find that your comments, Mr. Ford, fairly crystalize the complete analysis of an empire in decline. You are “dead” right about the cancer (pun intended). If you choose to live with the cancer rather than to cut it out, the cancer will destroy the body (country). Maybe that is one of the reasons that I spend so much time overseas. I am sick of the cancer in America.

  14. carolynn middleton says:

    once again wallace you have concisely articulated many of my views. thanks for giving me food for action; not just thought. my students want to meet you! carolynn middleton aka fruity

  15. Beverly Bensalem says:

    How refreshing to find that your “Point of View” coincides with my own, but you are oh so much more eloquent in expressing it. The latest disturbing thing I heard is that, with help from Iran, the Iraqi Government with help from Shia militants are set to retake Tikrit from IS. As Saddam Hussein’s previous fiefdom, Tikrit’s population is mostly Sunni. The whole situation is growing progressively worse. When one thinks of the fake reasons for the U.S. invading Iraq in the first place and that it could have been avoided if Bush-Cheney had any clue about the complexities of that part of the world……well, it’s downright outrageous.

    P.S. Wally Sr and Carmen would be proud!

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