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WEEKEND EDITION – March 2, 2012

Rick Santorum, with his constant obsession with the sex life of the American public, seems to be running for Saint in Chief rather than Commander in Chief. But he has taken a moment from beating the Bible to lecturing President Obama on the virtues of never apologizing. Meanwhile that Teapublican Doughboy, Rush Limbaugh, has basically compared any woman using contraceptives to a slut or a prostitute. Perhaps he is graduating from Doughboy to Pimpboy? Who knows?

A finally the pit of slime just got deeper. That would be the pit of slime from which the Teapublicans find mud to sling at Barack Obama. A knucklehead federal judge in Montana and a lunatic sheriff in Arizona are the latest in a long, sad line of slime slingers.

No Apologies?

During the past week Saint Santorum has criticized President Obama for offering an apology to the people of Afghanistan after NATO coalition soldiers accidentally burned some copies of the Koran. This incident has caused tremendous turmoil in a country already brutalized by decades of war and several American troops have been killed in its aftermath.

Saint Santorum has pronounced that the exceptional nature of the United States of America means that it should never have to apologize. On the Planet Santorum even in the case of an obvious mistake no apologies are necessary.
Of course on the Planet Earth apologies are a part of human interaction and civilized discourse. Only a fool would think that an apology is a sign of weakness. Indeed, there is a certain inner strength which enables the individual (or country) to apologize.

Saint Santorum is totally unfamiliar with this concept. And we have to wonder is “No Apologizing” a part of the curriculum as Saint Santorum home schools his
seven children?

The Doughboy as a Pimpboy

That Rush Limbaugh is an idiot is beyond debate. Over the past two decades he has retired every Idiot of the Year, Idiot of the Decade and Idiot of the Century award. The fact is that he is an entertainer. The sad fact is that too many people take him seriously.

Lumbering into the recent fake contraception controversy, Limbaugh huffed and puffed and proclaimed that women who purchase contraceptives through any federally funded program are being paid to have sex by men who pay taxes. Therefore, in his addled brain, these women are actually sluts and prostitutes.

It would do no good to tell the Teapublican Doughboy that women also pay taxes. It is also useless to point out to him that his analogy is entirely tasteless and unworthy.

Unfortunately, it is also useless to ask Rush Limbaugh to go away.

The Bottomless Pit
Let’s see….since he became President Barack Obama has been called a Kenyan, an illegal alien, a Muslim, a Marxist, a Socialist and the Anti-Christ. His credentials at Harvard and Columbia have been questioned and he has also been called a liar on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

It would seem that the pit of slime could not go any deeper and then along comes federal court judge Richard Cobull who thought it would be interesting to use his federal court e-mail account to circulate a joke about President Obama’s mother that relates to orgies and bestiality. Judge Cobull has since apologized. We can assume that he apologized for getting caught.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (who is currently under federal investigation for racial profiling) claims that his volunteer investigative team has discovered that President Obama’s birth certificate is……………are you ready?………a forgery.

The tribe of idiots that will believe that Barack Obama was not born in the United States will one day die out. Until then, those of us residing on Planet Sanity will have to endure these pitiful attempts to delegitimize the first black president of the United States.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “WEEKEND EDITION – March 2, 2012

  1. T Byrd says:

    It is soooooo crazy.

    I have a beautiful young,single daughter.Therefore, Rush’s comments indirectly affect her. I can not imagine what I would do to him If I ever saw him in person. Kiss him on the cheek..smile.

    The Judge matter is off the charts,too. He should be removed from the bench…plain and simple.

  2. Kanti says:

    How sad….
    1. Contraception “debate.” The reason these buffoons are so against anyone else having contraception is that they have built in contraception: mandated sex with fugly women. I am so angered by this on so many levels. First, purely scientific one…there are many women using contraception who are not sexually active but using it for its hormonal properties to manage a multitude of gynecological conditions. These are topics for a doctor and the patient, not the government. Do these clowns really want to go back to alley abortions and other “forgotten” acts of desperation many women (including married women) did to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?
    2. President Obama’s “legitimacy.” I am truly embarassed. The rest of the world must be laughing at us. Please correct me if I am wrong: did/does former president Clinton know who is father is? I don’t think Lincoln did either. Isn’t there some legal action to take for making such comments about our President?

    Keep up the commentary.

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