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If nothing else, the right wing of the right wing of the Team Teapublican is consistent. It has sought to obstruct, delay and dismember every initiative of the Obama Administration, from the appointment of judges and ambassadors to holding this country hostage to their warped budgetary vision, the Teapublican terrorists never miss an opportunity to travel the path of negative disruption, no matter what the cost to the people of this country. And now, like a spoiled child with yet another new toy, the Teapublicans have discovered the word “scandal”.

For the past few weeks the hoots and catcalls directed at the Obama Administration from the right wing of the right wing have reached an impossibly higher and more hysterical pitch. Such masterminds like Sessions, Rubio, Issa and McConnell clearly come from the school of communication which teaches that the louder that pseudo facts are shouted the more believable they are. In other words, volume equals credibility.

By seizing upon the word “scandal”, the Teapublicans clearly believe that they can bluff the American people into a lemming-like charge over the cliff of reality. The fact that the result of their endgame would be a government that would be even more dysfunctional doesn’t seem to be a concern.

To most Americans, the word “scandal” dredges up images of the Watergate era when President Nixon engaged in a series of disreputable and probably criminal activities including an attempt to use the entire Justice Department apparatus to cover up wrongful acts. Another Republican “scandal” was the Reagan Administration’s cobbling together an arms sleight of hand device that routed arms through Iran to Contras in Nicaragua even though such a scheme was specifically prohibited by Congress.

Richard Nixon was eventually impeached and resigned in disgrace. Even though Ronald Reagan maintained his ignorance of the entire Iran-Contra scheme, even his most ardent supporters will acknowledge this seamy and sleazy move as the low point of his administration.

These presidential “scandals” were seen in the light of day as outright efforts by the White House to ignore the law and to avoid its consequences. These “scandals” most certainly jeopardized the credibility of government and provided a moveable feast for conspiracy theorists across the country.

Now the Teapublicans want to apply the “scandal” tag to the Benghazi episode of last fall. It should be noted that there was an attack on the American consulate in that Libyan city and that communications were understandably unclear and confused as buildings burned and Americans died.

With hindsight being 20/20 it is still not a certainty as to what the proper outcome would have been in conveying information about a terrorist attack that was taking place in real time while the CIA and other government agencies sought to steer attention away from the activities in which they were engaged. But this tragic event is a “scandal” only in the Never Never Land inhabited by the Teapublicans.

The Teapublicans have also seized upon the extra scrutiny by the IRS when it came to tax exempt applications by avid and sometimes rabid Teapublican groups. When deep breaths are taken by all involved, the facts are that the right wing of the right wing has regularly abused 501©(4) tax exemptions in order to pursue blatantly political agendas, agendas specifically prohibited by the IRS rules and regulations.

Once those facts are taken into account it makes all the sense in the world to make sure that the applications by so-called “social welfare” organizations are not stalking horses for multimillion dollar political action regiments secretly funded by the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and other members of the Billionaires Boys Club who have sworn eternal enmity towards President Obama. In this case the Teapublicans sound like the habitual bank robbers who complain that security guards are watching them too closely every time they walk into a bank.

The right wing of the right wing is doing its damnedest to throw more sand into the gears of government and employ paralysis and well as sequestration strangulation of the government. And we have to wonder, why is the progressive wing of the Congress so silent as these transparently obstructionists tactics are pursued.

It is time for the lambs to stop being so silent.


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